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Photos: I didn’t expect you to be like Anthony Wong! A pet wife Tencent entertainment news November 27th news spree, according to the "Oriental Daily" reported that over the years, his little mention of Mrs. Anthony Wong, and Mrs. Wu Huizhen married more than and 20 years, fathered two sons. Although Anthony Wong often rumored, but he would always rumors. At the beginning of this year, Anthony Wong, the eldest son of serious car accident in the United States, but fortunately there is no danger, after the accident, Anthony Wong and his wife’s feelings more than ever, recently, he was photographed with the tour warm mrs.. The earlier busy theater Anthony Wong, before the rare not to work immediately with his wife. At 3 pm the same day, Anthony Wong and his wife visited Tongluowan, the two fingers intertwined, clung to the whole, very loving, like enough love in lover. Always eloquent autumn, to coax wife happy, from time to time on the laughs, he often see her sweet smile, his mouth to the smile, two people walk around the store, and then go to the bookstore, carrying the book does not stop to talk, have much to talk about. Mrs. Anthony Wong linger about one hour in the bookstore, then take the elevator to leave, Anthony Wong suddenly resorted to her wife tricks, put her arm around the shoulders of two men as wife, like Siamese twins to a nearby department store, go directly to home floor, sweet to burst. The film shot Anthony Wong domineering, Wu Xiubo was scared senseless!相关的主题文章:

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