Pingtan college entrance examination to open the company’s market capitalization of nearly 1 billion ca1871

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Pingtan college entrance exam, the market value of nearly 1 billion CCTV Fire to Beijing Chen Pingtan, name card backbone, graduated from Xiamen University in 1993, bachelor’s degree in international economic law, after working for Xiamen MBA. Shanghai Huayin Eastern lawyers founder, Shenzhen Zhongtonghui silver fund and Shanghai Hongshi capital co-founder, executive dean of the Institute of Chinese three new board, as deputy director of action education organization, Xiamen University, Tongji University, NHBS business mentor, a visiting scholar at the State Council in 2013, vice chairman of the Pingtan Hongshi incubator management Co. Ltd. Pingtan, chairman of the new board of equity Cci Capital Ltd. In 1989, Chen Zhongjian was a high school student in Pingtan. In this year, he became a liberal arts college entrance examination in Pingtan with a total score of 515, admitted to Xiamen University. Now, his identity is an investment banker, is also the chairman of the board of directors of the Pingtan three new board Cci Capital Ltd, he managed the fund’s market capitalization of nearly 1 billion. So, this is the name of the arts students on the island of the island to embark on the financial road? How did he become a good investment expert? In order to avoid the high class university choose international economic law up Chen Zhongjian to participate in the CCTV securities information channel "focusing on three new board – thinking" investment program in 1989, the college entrance examination results came out, Chen Zhongjian became the Pingtan liberal arts college entrance exam. That year, Xiamen University around the college entrance exam are free to choose a professional, but at that time, international trade, international finance, international accounting professional is a professional Xiamen scores the highest and most popular. As a liberal arts student, Chen Zhongjian was the first to report the international news. "Because we are indeed on the mathematics of liberal arts is a challenge, Xiamen international journalism is five years, four years in school has a year abroad. If you are lucky enough to be a war correspondent. So I was looking forward to this profession." But after the inquiry found that Xiamen International Journalism every two years to recruit the next, just odd year does not move. "The teacher advised me to change my major. When I asked if there is no other professional do not have high. International finance, international accounting these must read the number, but the international economic law belongs to the law not read number. So I chose the international economic law." However, the study of this profession, Chen Zhongjian is not plain sailing. "At first, I thought that I was a little bit in the way of studying the international economic law, because the liberal arts is divergent thinking, and the law focuses on logical thinking." Chen Zhongjian said that when he first entered the University, his college entrance examination scores in the class by the front, the teacher appointed him as a study committee. While in Xiamen University first semester final exams, his grades in the class of 35 ranked twenty-second. "I was almost put forward to transfer." Chen Zhongjian can consult with counselors to turn professional, was criticized for a meal. "He said, ‘well, it’s not easy for you to get into this major, and I don’t know how good this major is.’ He said he would give me a semester to get used to." As a warning for the future, Chen Zhongjian attended law school debate team, to exercise their logical thinking. From the beginning of the last team to win the defeated, the debate champion, Chen Zhongjian’s way of thinking to get a lot of exercise, performance is greatly improved. "On the job;相关的主题文章:

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