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The descendants of Kuomintang officers posing as treasure money fraud penalties – Beijing new network in Nanyang in September 20, (Liu Peng Qu Xiyao) a Kuomintang officer grandfather "treasure map", in a village set cheat villagers dug up buried in Grandpa "baby", on the road after grandpa to take up treasure traffic accident. After defrauding villagers more than 4 yuan disappeared. 20 days, reporters from the Henan Neixiang court was informed that the hospital has recently concluded a case of fraud, the defendant Liu was sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for three years, and fined 20000 yuan. According to reports, the defendant Liu, in a prepared "Buddha", drawings, exploration of gold, remote control tools, fled to the nearby village of Neixiang County Township South bridge. Meet the villagers Wang, Liu out of "treasure map" claiming to be descendants of Kuomintang officers, to find the grandfather fight buried in here baby, and promised to give the king some benefits, let Wang and jointly seek. Liu pointed to the so-called "treasure map" Wang told the baby was here, then with Wang took the detector on the hillside "treasure". Because the defendant Liu had made full preparations, press the remote control was placed in the pocket, the gold was a noise. Wang immediately brought home a hoe to dig. Unexpectedly, while Ryu Wang did not pay attention, will be prepared to leave the Buddha thrown in, deliberately let Wang dug. After Liu Wang in order to obtain the trust, the Buddha claimed custody of him, his grandfather came to take home. In order not to let the suspect Wang, after a few days, Liu and Wang continuous contact, Liu also deliberately to Wang said his trip makes Wang more believe in yourself. And on the third day, a car accident on the way Liu suddenly called Wang lied that he and grandpa in the car to take the buddha. Need to operate on the grounds, so that Wang remittance. As a result of what happened before the king of Liu believes that he has to Liu remittance 4 yuan. Until after the end of the money has been unable to get through the phone when Liu, Wang Moucai know he cheated. In September 18th, the Neixiang court held that the defendant Liu for the purpose of illegal possession, adopt the method of fictitious facts, cheat citizens legitimate property, a huge amount, his behavior constituted the crime of fraud, the defendant pleaded guilty to a better attitude, the initiative will be refunded the money the victim, the discretion given a lighter punishment according to law. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the criminal law, the judgment of the people’s Republic of China shall be made in accordance with the relevant provisions of the criminal law. (end)相关的主题文章:

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