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Power saving technology which is stronger? Inventory of mobile phone manufacturers mobile phone software level power saving tactics is a key technology in the intelligent life is the most difficult to break through the mobile phone, the mobile phone manufacturers in order to improve the battery life of mobile phone can be described as the brains. On the hardware side, some of the life on the phone plug a larger battery, the current smart phone’s largest battery capacity has gone to 6000 Ma, there are some mobile phone manufacturers to save the curve, improve the charging speed. So each fast charging have emerged, and even the emergence of wireless charging curve is also a kind of salvation, allowing users to make full use of the time to charge the system, but at this stage can not really achieve wireless". Peripheral manufacturers have launched their own charging treasure phone shell, including apple itself out of one, but was very ugly tucao. So at the level of software, various mobile phone manufacturers and what power saving tactics? We might as well take stock. Google Doze as the founder of the Android system, Google on Android system optimization aspects of life is spare no effort on Android 6, and we can see the efforts made by Google. Android 7, Google made further improvements. After the release of Google 7, Google on the battery using a higher level of optimization, this technology is called Google Doze". The working principle of this technology is: when you close the mobile phone screen, Doze will determine whether you need long power according to your mobile phone screen is closed, when closed long after reaching a certain level, Doze will enter the "nap" mode, in this mode, to network connections and background tasks every few minutes the system is allowed to run, so as to reduce the power consumption. When you light up the screen, Doze will stop working and wait for the next time to save electricity. However, these key applications such as telephone, alarm clock will not be limited by Doze. According to the third party test shows that the same two Nexus 5, open a standby Doze can reach up to 533 hours, while not open a standby Doze can only reach up to 200 hours. Doze power-saving effect is very obvious. Millet alignment to wake up when the original release of MIUI 7, with the emergence of the MIUI power saving mode – aligned wake up mechanism. Lei Jun said in the province under the motor system, mobile phone life can be increased by 25%, standby time increased by at least three hours. Three hours of standby time for a day filled with Andriod really attractive. Then we look at what is aligned wake-up mechanism, in simple terms, in the native Andriod system, the normal use of APP requires a Wakelock (Huan Xingsuo), it can make the system to ensure the operation of the APP wake. When the system wakes up after a period of time to be able to sleep again, a variety of software will cause the phone to wake up many times, and short sleep time, the phone is more power consumption. In the wake of the mechanism of the system, the system will be in a certain period of time on the APP to wake up a number of times to wake up, thereby reducing the number of times the system was awakened, thereby increasing standby time. As shown in figure 8:.相关的主题文章:

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