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The president of the National Taiwan University, in speech: reporters record side cry – Sohu reproduced from maternal and child education online ID:zgjyzx Taiwan has such a school, students between the ages of 15 to 18 years old, every year more than 3 thousand students, two were due to violation of school rules, three hundred people expelled from school. There are no workers, no guards, no master teachers. All the necessary work is done by the students themselves. Schools to implement senior system, the third grade students with the first grade students. It takes only 3 minutes. The students saw the teacher seven meters to salute. Students do not have cold work, no one can not go to college. This is Taiwan’s reputation in moral education for 30 years the senior faithful business school. In Taiwan each big newspaper advertisement, often appear "only recruit faithful graduates". The following is the president Gao Zhendong speech in Chinese domestic students, you said: "what is the rise and fall of the world" in the next sentence? (a voice: "I") – no, "is my responsibility". If the college entrance examination this year, each additional 10 points, it does not mean that no increase? "Everyone is responsible for his country." is equal to everyone no responsibility. "I" should be changed into "my responsibility", so I teach my students. So, now we have to do, education is not good, is my high Zhendong responsibility, only because of this, I came back to motherland held a special moral speech. (applause) "to the rise and fall of the world for any" is Mencius thought. Yu Shun is a person, is a person, I am also a person! They can do it, why can’t I? "The rise and fall of the world, my responsibility", only this thought, our country will have hope. If each of us students say: the school order is not good, it is my responsibility; national education is not good, is my responsibility; the country is not strong, my responsibility…… Everyone can take the initiative to take charge of the world where there is not a thriving country? Where there is no unity of groups? So, every student should be responsible for their own, rather than to go out. I am in Taiwan school is like this, if the classroom is so dirty, I asked "what’s the matter?" If a student stood up and said: "the report of the teacher, today is 32 students on duty, he didn’t clean health". So, the student is to catch. In my school, students will say: "teacher, I am sorry, it is my responsibility", and then immediately to clean. The bulb is broken, which saw the students, they will buy a put, the window glass is broken, the students immediately buy a put on it — it’s education. Do not put the responsibility to launch, but embrace. Some people may say that this is a disadvantage, I tell you, is to take advantage of cheap, this kind of education should be firmly in mind, we each Chinese people must remember! Schools should train students "the rise and fall of the world, my responsibility" thought. Campus is not clean, it should be the responsibility of everyone. Do you think that such a large campus, you do not destroy, I do not destroy, it will be dirty? After the dirty, everyone to clean, it will be dirty? You only count on a few workers!相关的主题文章:

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