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Pull the nose to smell the odor! What is the habit of men who dare not say to their girlfriends? In anime, many characters are often seen with strange habits, and some of them are often embarrassed to be open in front of people. So do men have some of their tendencies to speak to their girlfriends? Recently, the Japanese media have conducted a survey. "Pull" love to pull the booger booger. But I think my girlfriend might have found it. " (36 year old school · education; teachers "dig booger). Because it’s very disgraceful. " (32 transportation technician) – "I have a nail biting habit of biting his nails. Because the nail clipper is very troublesome, so I like to bite with my mouth. " (26 year old food · drink salesman) "bite the nail. Because biting my nails can make my mood quiet. " (at the age of 31, the rest of the auto industry) – "I can smell the smell of beriberi toes taste." (29 year old metal · Chemical technician) "I like to smell the footboard." (23 year old construction clerk) – "I’m not shaving hair but pull the beard, always feel so ashamed." (36 year old technology construction member) "every day I will pull hair, I think this is very strange." (32 year old construction office) in the lower part of the body…… "No occasion to lower body." (31 year old precision instrument technician) "unwittingly touch the half of the body, I think this hobby is very ashamed." (36 IT technician) – "I love the smell of smell smell of various flavors." (33 year old welfare organizations back office) "I can’t help but smell the taste, I feel very sick has been so patient." (27 year old retail salesman) Click to download Tencent anime APP to see more popular animation works

抠鼻闻脚臭!男性有哪些不敢对女友说的癖好?动漫中常常可以看到许多有着奇怪癖好的角色,而某些癖好往往是不好意思在人前公开的。那么男性们是否都会有一些不敢对自己女友说出来的癖好呢?近日,日本媒体对此进行了调查。■抠鼻屎“爱抠鼻屎。可是我觉得我女朋友可能已经发现了。”(36岁 学校·教育 教师)“抠鼻屎。因为很丢脸。”(32岁 运输仓储 技术员)■咬指甲“我有咬指甲的习惯。因为剪指甲很麻烦,所以我喜欢用嘴咬。”(26岁 食品·饮料 推销员)“咬指甲。因为咬指甲能让我的心情安静下来。”(31岁 汽车业 其他)■闻脚气“我会闻脚趾缝的味道。”(29岁 金属·化学 技术员)“我喜欢闻脚板的问道。”(23岁 建筑业 业务员)■拔毛“我不是剃胡子而是拔胡子,总觉得这样很羞耻。”(36岁 建筑业 技术员)“我每天都会拔鼻毛,我觉得这样挺奇怪的。”(32岁 建筑业 内勤)■下半身……“不分场合地磨蹭下半身。”(31岁 精密仪器 技术员)“不知不觉就会摸下半身,我觉得这个癖好很羞耻。”(36岁 IT业 技术员)■闻各种气味“我喜欢闻各种各样的味道。”(33岁 公益团体 内勤)“我会忍不住闻各种味道,我觉得挺变态的所以一直在忍耐。”(27岁 零售店 推销员)点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品相关的主题文章:

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