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Qiao Renliang’s death: I hope more people see and understand – Sohu mother and child tomorrow and accident, you never know which will come first. September 16th, actor, singer Qiao Renliang accidental death in Shanghai, only 28 years old, initially identified by the forensic, has ruled out homicide, the specific cause of death is under investigation. The evening of September 16th at 18:21, Putuo police received the alarm, said Qi Shun Road Taopu area of a residential building with a man’s death. After receiving the report, police rushed to the scene investigation and disposal. After investigation, the death of the man for Joe Moumou (male, 28 years old, Shanghai people). After forensic identification, has ruled out homicide, the specific cause of death is under investigation. On the cause of death, there are different opinions on the Internet, there is a view that Qiao Renliang was suicidal because of depression. Qiao Renliang, a number of former friends said that Qiao Renliang was not in good condition during his lifetime, has been relying on drug sleep. It is hard to imagine that in the eyes of friends "bold, optimistic" big boy, but suffered from depression. Time to push forward the four day, September 12th, is the 60 anniversary of the birthday of Leslie Cheung brother. In April 1, 2003, he from Hongkong Mandarin Hotel 24 floor jump, leaving only the phrase "Depression (depression). I’ve been working hard for a year, I can’t stand it anymore. I did not do bad things in my life, why?" Leslie Cheung depression, the invisible killer lurking in the world, with quiet attitude devour every patient will survive. Especially in the high-pressure environment, entertainment, news has repeatedly exposed the artist depression in recent years Dutch act, the number of shocking. As Han Han said in micro-blog, please cherish what you love and love you, understand what you don’t understand and don’t understand. Han Han micro-blog 1 entertainment is a major depression? Many years ago, when it comes to "depression" three words, people always put it in a bad mood, sleep well, depressed depression and other words together. As everyone knows, today, depression is far from being so simple, it has been able to make a life, to the relatives and friends to bring endless pain severity. There are a lot of depression affected people, ordinary people, rich life of the stars can not escape such a catastrophe. Entertainment has always been a high incidence of depression, in China, singer Yang Kun, actor Jackie Chan, host, who had been exposed to the tendency of depression in the. The South Korean statistics show that 40% of Korean artists suffering from depression, and even said that 30% people had thought of suicide. Cui Yongyuan in 2002, Cui Yongyuan left let him become the CCTV "honest" column, then the outside of his move in an uproar, even a voice called him "brain disease". 3 years later, in the "art of life" interview, he admitted to the audience, when the illness is not the brain, but the heart: "I have depression, but also a very serious depression, severe." "My family, my leader, they don’t feel like it." The biggest problem facing Cui Yongyuan in the beginning of the illness from the people around, "they thought I was hard, small相关的主题文章:

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