Qiu Xiaohua the current high credit system reform is to carry out investment and financing channels-superrecovery

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Qiu Xiaohua: the current credit system is high to the reform of investment and financing channels in August 25th, director of the National Bureau of statistics, Minsheng Securities chief economist said on Yabuli summer peak, the current credit system is high, and solve the credit problem, must carry on the reform of enterprise financing channel, increase the proportion of direct financing of enterprises. Qiu Xiaohua said that today’s China has encountered great difficulties, things can not afford to buy, the high cost. The world economy is at the adjustment stage of differentiation, China economy and world economy closely linked, now Chinese has been unable to be isolated, it is difficult to be spared. Qiu Xiaohua said that at present, China’s high credit system problems, and to solve the credit problem, it is necessary to carry out investment and financing channels for enterprises to improve the proportion of direct financing of enterprises. In addition, China’s corporate tax burden is relatively high, in order to solve the problem of high cost of enterprises, the government should substantially reduce taxes. Qiu Xiaohua said that China’s economy is currently in the middle of the middle-income trap stage. It believes that the current view of the economy, from the social level, political level and other aspects to look at, to give greater freedom to a higher position, while order must also be more.    相关的主题文章:

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