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Quanzhou, a man drunk qiuhuan failed kicking dead lady Fujian news network September 28th roadside picking up a 61 year old woman from Sichuan lying on the road, the roadside, Shishi is full of blood, the police involved, that is a homicide. After investigation, the suspect Xiemou Cui, drunk nothing, kicking dead woman, continue to commit crimes, continuous or unprovoked assault chased 3 passers-by. Yesterday, Shishi court verdict, the defendant Xiemou Cui intentional injury crime, sentenced to 9 years imprisonment. In the morning, the police situation continued, last October 5th at 5 in the morning, 5 points, Lee called 110 alarm, said that in the lion tree Fung Street street construction road under a tree, no reason to be chased and beaten, then ran to the road near unity fled. 3 minutes later, he received the alarm from Mr. Wu, saying that an old man was injured and suspected to have no vital signs beside the public toilets along the grand road of Jie Jie street in Shishi. The police officer Huang told reporters that he arrived at the scene, and found a man Xiemou Cui talking with a barber shop female boss Ms. Ke quarrel, scene table, cabinet destruction, police immediately stop and control the man. Subsequently, the police found a lady in the road of unity, has died. At the same time, the masses have been reflected, in the morning there is a man holding a club for no reason to chase and beat others, asked that the clothing, signs and Xie Cui coincidence. Want to have sex with people, Xie Xie, 29 years old, from Jiangsu, read the first day, went out to work, in Shishi has been 10 years, with his wife Yang Yang has a man and a woman. Usually like to play games, but also like to drink, and drink four or five times a month. In the eyes of his wife and brother, Xie Cui temperament and temperament, but after drinking wine, irritable temper. Last March, Xie Moucui in unity Road a barber shop barber, know the boss, boss, two people add WeChat, and become friends. In late October 4th 8, thanks to a Yueke Ms. Cui together, after a 87 KTV Shishi road opened a box, the next day at 3 a.m., KTV closing, two people drink from. Ms. Ke, see Xie Cui drunk full, advised him to go home, but was refused, she managed to get rid of the Xiemou Cui, returned to his house. At 4:40 the same day, drunk Xie Cui walked alone in the big Lun street. Since then, there have been homicide cases and beatings. Xie Moucui in the police investigation had confessed that he wanted to have sex with MS. ke. With limited ability to undertake qualitative criminal judge, Xie Cui without kicking play usually to JianPoLan living Zhang Apo, causing his death. In the next half an hour, Xie Cui also beat 3 passers-by, two of which constitute a slight injury. Identified by the judicial identification Institute of Xiamen Yuexian Hospital, the defendant Xie Moucui was in a state of complex drunkenness, and had limited criminal responsibility. In June 2nd this year, the defendant’s family members and the families of the deceased reached a settlement agreement, compensation of 150 thousand yuan, and get understanding. The judge said that Xie Moucui’s behavior caused one death, and his actions constituted the crime of intentional injury. At the same time, two minor injuries should be severely punished. But according to the opinion of judicial expertise, repentance and presence of.

泉州一男子酒后求欢未果 用脚踢死路边拾荒阿婆   闽南网9月28日讯 一位61岁的四川籍阿婆仰躺路边,身上、路面布满血迹,石狮警方介入,认定是一起他杀案件。经查,犯罪嫌疑人谢某崔,酒后无事生非,用脚踢死阿婆后,继续作案,连续无故殴打或追打3名路人。昨日,石狮法院一审宣判,被告人谢某崔犯故意伤害罪,判处有期徒刑9年。   凌晨警情接连不断   去年10月5日凌晨5点5分,李先生拨打110报警称,其在石狮凤里街道大仑兴建路一树下,无故遭人追逐殴打,随后跑到团结路附近逃跑。3分钟后,又接到吴先生的报警,称在石狮市凤里街道大仑团结路公厕旁,有位老人受伤,疑似没有生命体征。   出警的黄警官告诉记者,他到达现场后,又发现一名男子谢某崔正在跟一位理发店女老板柯女士争吵,现场桌、柜等物被破坏,民警随即制止并控制该男子。随后,警方在团结路发现一名阿婆,已死亡。与此同时,陆续有群众反映,凌晨有一名男子手持棍棒无故追逐殴打他人,询问中得知的服装、体征与谢某崔吻合。   想和人发生性关系   今年29岁的谢某崔,来自江苏,初一读完,就外出务工,在石狮已经有10来年,与妻子杨女士育有一男一女。平时喜欢打游戏,也喜欢喝酒,而每月要喝四五次。在妻子和弟弟眼中,谢某崔性格和气,但喝完酒,脾气易暴躁。   去年3月,谢某崔在团结路一家理发店理发,认识老板娘柯老板,二人互相添加微信,并成为好友。当年10月4日晚8点多,谢某崔约柯女士相聚,后在石狮八七路一家KTV开了一个包厢,次日凌晨3点,KTV打烊,二人酒后离开。柯女士介绍,眼看谢某崔醉意十足,劝他回家,但遭到拒绝,后来她成功摆脱了谢某崔后,回到了自己的租房。当日凌晨4点40分左右,酒后的谢某崔独自一人行走在大仑街道。此后,便发生了命案与打人事件。谢某崔在接受警方调查时曾供述,自己想和柯女士发生性关系。   具限定性刑事能力   承办法官介绍,谢某崔无故用脚踢打平时以捡破烂为生的张阿婆,致其死亡。在随后半小时内,谢某崔还先后殴打3位路人,其中两人构成轻微伤。经厦门市仙岳医院司法鉴定所鉴定,被告人谢某崔案发时处于复杂性醉酒状态,具有限定性刑事责任能力。今年6月2日,被告人家属与死者家属达成调解协议,赔偿 15万元,并取得谅解。法官说,谢某崔的行为致一人死亡,其行为已经构成故意伤害罪。同时,另有二人轻微伤,应从重处罚。但根据司法鉴定意见、悔罪表现和在押表现较好以及赔偿死者家属并获得谅解,予以减轻处罚。相关的主题文章:

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