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A man in Quanzhou store customers repeatedly molesting 7 year old daughter of Taiwanese students network November 8th hearing her daughter’s classmates to play at home, the man turned molesting a child of 7 years old, and the young girl, again and again three times lewd. ? last week, Licheng District People’s court heard the child molestation criminal verdict in force, the defendant Panmou because of child molestation was sentenced to eight months a year. ? the defendant Panmou Yongchun, opened a convenience store in Licheng District, few guests, he will peep yellow video. The first half of 2015? One day, her daughter was not at home, but her classmates went to the store to play, just saw the Yellow video Panmou while four unmanned, quietly around the girl behind the obscene. ? Panmou said himself scared Zhang will tell parents. But he also bolder in smooth water, up, and second times, third times lewd. Maybe this girl was a bit scared, came home and told the parents that night, Panmou voluntarily to the local police station to surrender. The sea? The reporter learned that, until now, the girls will go to the store for students to play, because their parents ashamed, how bad girls don’t know Panmou behavior, but also because of knowledge is poorly understood, so the defendant repeatedly. Therefore, parents must teach their children how to protect themselves! (Wang Zhipingwang correspondent Wen Xin Hoi reporter Chen Zixuan Chen Lei)

泉州一男子店内看黄色视频 多次猥亵女儿7岁同学   闽南网11月8日讯 女儿的同学来家里玩,男子竟然猥亵了7岁的孩子,而且利用女孩少不更事,一而再再而三多次猥亵。   ?上周,鲤城区人民法院审理的这起猥亵儿童案刑事判决书生效,被告人潘某因猥亵儿童罪被判处有期徒刑一年八个月。   ?被告人潘某是永春人,在鲤城区某街道开了一家便利店,客人较少时,他会偷看黄色视频。   ?2015年上半年的一天,女儿不在家,但她的同学到店里玩,刚看过黄色视频的潘某趁着四下无人,悄悄绕到女孩身后猥亵。   ?潘某说,自己也后怕张某会告诉父母。结果却风平浪静,他胆子也大了起来,又进行第二次、第三次猥亵。也许是这次女孩有点被吓到,回家后告诉了父母,当晚,潘某主动到当地派出所投案。   ?海都记者了解到,直到现在,女孩还会去店里找同学玩,由于其父母羞于启齿,女孩还不知潘某的行为有多恶劣,也是因为对性知识所知甚少,以致于让被告多次得逞。所以,家长们一定要教自己的孩子如何保护自己!(海都记者 陈紫玄 通讯员 王志平 王文鑫 陈雷)相关的主题文章:

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