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Quanzhou issued early warning of geological disasters after the rain do not stay in the high steep slope of Quanzhou evening news agency APP- Quanzhou September 17th news (reporter Wu Zhiming) the typhoon "Meranti" although gone, but a dangerous situation makes the city more soil moisture saturation, City Land Resources Bureau and the Municipal Meteorological Bureau jointly issued after the two meteorological risk level warning geological disasters after 8 pm yesterday again jointly issued a warning of geological disasters of meteorological risk level: the city has heavy rain to heavy rain. The next 24 hours, Dehua, Yongchun, Anxi, Nanan Geological Hazard Meteorological risk level is very high, the rest of the region is high, please do a good job of related geological disasters defense work. Statistical data from the Municipal Bureau of land and resources, geological environment, as of 2016 flood investigation statistics, the city has a total of 1534 points geological disaster point, high and steep slope in front of the house in 7892, a total of 20 thousand and 690 households in 96 thousand and 800 threatened the life safety of people. The main geological disasters in our city are collapse and landslide, accounting for about 98.6% of the total; debris flow and land subsidence account for about 1.4% of the total. Risks of geological disasters in our city are mainly distributed in the northwest, which is Luojiang, northwest Nanan and Anxi, Yongchun, Dehua and other regions, send disaster locations are mainly concentrated in the high and steep slope, Fangqianwuhou low-lying areas, mountains, river, Mizoguchi, low grade road on both sides of the regional. The high incidence of geological disasters in Quanzhou city in 4 and October, according to a preliminary analysis of Quanzhou city in recent years of geological disasters and the relationship between the rainfall, when the rainfall is larger than 50mm, some unstable slope will appear after the real deformation signs, this is a warning period; when the cumulative rainfall reached 100mm, geological disasters began when the cumulative rainfall; at 200mm, the frequency of occurrence of geological disasters has increased significantly. At the same time, the occurrence of geological disasters has obvious lag effect. After 1 to 3 days after rain, it is still a period of active geological disasters such as collapse and landslide. City Geological Bureau of land and resources experts reminded that the masses do not exist paralysis thought and fluke mentality, that housing has been living for many years, the slope has not collapsed, will not be so unlucky, was hit by their own. Because the collapse, landslide, debris flow and other geological disasters is a long-term accumulation and formed, when critical, it will not happen, will be formed in a short time. Experts advise that we should not stay near perilous rock and steep slope after rain. You can’t climb a dangerous rock in a steep slope or a dangerous rock where you can shelter from rain, rest and walk. The mountain slope is greater than 45° or, slope shape, concave spur isolated steep slopes, and the slope has obvious cracks are easily generated collapse. People choose to go to the mountain canyon picnic, must listen to the local weather forecast beforehand, not in the heavy rain, continuous rainy days into the mountain valley. (Editor: Lin Yanwan) video: the severe flood disaster this year 7 month over five thousand year flood disaster seriously 7 months over five thousand >

泉州发布地质灾害预警 雨后切勿在高陡边坡停留泉州晚报社APP-泉州通9月17日讯(记者吴志明)台风“莫兰蒂”虽已远去,但狂风暴雨使得我市多地土壤含水量达到饱和,市国土资源局和市气象局继前日两次联合发布地质灾害气象风险等级预警后,昨日8时再次联合发布地质灾害气象风险等级预警:我市已出现大暴雨到特大暴雨。未来24小时德化、永春、安溪、南安发生地质灾害气象风险等级很高,其余地区等级高,请做好相关地质灾害的防御工作。来自市国土资源局地质环境科的统计数据,截至2016年汛前排查统计,我市共有地质灾害隐患点1534处,房前屋后高陡边坡点7892处,共威胁2.069万户9.68万人的生命安全。我市地质灾害以崩塌、滑坡为主,约占总数的98.6%;泥石流和地面塌陷约占总数的1.4%。我市地质灾害隐患主要分布在西北部,也就是洛江、南安的西北部和安溪、永春、德化等区域,发灾地点主要集中在房前屋后高陡边坡、低洼地带、山边、河边、沟口、低等级公路两侧等区域。泉州市地质灾害的高发期在4—10月,根据近几年泉州市地质灾害和降雨量关系的初步分析,当过程降雨量大于50mm时,一些不稳定房后斜坡就会出现变形迹象,这是警戒期;当累积降雨量达到100mm,地质灾害开始产生;当累积降雨量达到200mm,地质灾害发生的频率就显著升高。同时,地质灾害的发生有比较明显的滞后效应,雨后1—3天内仍然是崩塌、滑坡等地质灾害较为活跃的时段。市国土资源局地质环境科专家提醒,群众切勿存在麻痹思想和侥幸心理,认为房屋已经居住多年边坡都没有坍塌,不会那么倒霉被自己碰上。因为崩塌、滑坡、泥石流等地质灾害的发生是一个长期积累而形成的,达到临界时就会发生,绝不是一时半会就形成的。专家提示,雨后切忌在危岩和高陡边坡附近停留。不能在凹形陡坡、危岩突出的地方避雨、休息和穿行,不能攀登危岩。山地坡度大于45°,或山坡成孤立山嘴、凹形陡坡等形状,以及坡体上有明显的裂缝,都容易生成崩塌。人们在选择去山区峡谷郊游时,一定要事先收听当地天气预报,不要在大雨后、连续阴雨天进入山区沟谷。(编辑:林燕婉)相关视频:今年汛情严重 7月地灾超五千起 今年汛情严重 7月地灾超五千起 >相关的主题文章:

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