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Marketing Its heart wrenching to watch a loved one battle disease, especially if that person is a little one. Childhood should be filled with laughter and playtime instead of surgeries, painful treatments or the stigma of not fitting in. Unfortunately, childrens cancer, autism and juvenile diabetes continue to make it difficult for many children to have an innocent and fun-filled youth. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention provides the following statistics: > > Juvenile diabetes affects roughly one in every 400 to 500 children. > > Childhood cancers are diagnosed in approximately 1.5 children out of every 10,000. > > The low range for ASD (autism spectrum disorders) diagnosis is one in every 500 children. Those may not sound like very high odds unless one of the affected children is in your family. Research has brought us closer to understanding how these illnesses work as well as what can be done to treat and/or prevent them. Theres still a long way to go, however, before they no longer threaten our children. If yours is one of the many selfless groups that are raising funds for these, or one of the many other diseases that affect children, lapel pins can help. Medical research requires money and awareness. Lapel pins can increase both. Raise Awareness & Money with Lapel Pins Want to do something to help? Making others aware of the need is a big step in the right direction. Thats where lapel pins come in. Everyone recognizes awareness ribbon pins. Create lapel pins in the shape of awareness ribbons to bring attention to the childhood disease youre working to support. Gold is the color of childhood cancer, grey ribbons represent diabetes and the puzzle ribbon reminds us of autism. You can add a small amount of text or a logo to customize ribbon lapel pins for a group or event. Having a cookout or bake sale? Use awareness ribbon lapel pins to generate interest. Participating in a run to raise money? Lapel pins with the race logo can be worn to increase donations. Raffles, silent auctions, motivational speeches they can all benefit from the attention lapel pins bring to the event. You dont need a degree in graphic design to make this work. Choose a company that allows you to work with expert, staff designers who will come up with just the right pin design free of charge. While lapel pins look expensive theyre really quite affordable, making them a great gift for donors and volunteers. Give lapel pins to anyone making a contribution of a certain dollar amount and watch them smile. When the donor wears his or her pin, theyre advertising for a very worthy cause. Each person they come in contact with will become aware of the illness your group is trying to overcome. The more people that know, the greater chance donations will increase. The word-of-mouth advertising that comes with lapel pins is priceless. Everyone has a soft spot for kids. Lapel pins, like our children, are small in size but make a huge impact. With their help, its easier to spread the word about your cause and raise funds that will hasten desperately needed research. Whatever the illness youre campaigning for, add lapel pins to your program and watch them produce more for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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