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Raise the public to raise the mode of the car quietly raise the risk of illegal fund-raising can not be ignored – Sohu car in recent years to raise the public car model quietly rising. According to the Internet financial institution 1 Institute of statistics, as of the end of August 2016, China operating in the car to raise public platform to reach 56, the cumulative amount of the public to raise industry reached 5 billion 150 million yuan. But now there are platforms on foot, illegal fund-raising risk can not be ignored. In simple terms, the car is the public to raise the mode of partnership to buy and sell second-hand car profit". The general platform mode of operation are as follows — to raise public platform to raise funds for Internet users, all chips, then use the money to buy second-hand car and then sell, get the difference after deducting fees in accordance with the proportion of investors into the car platform to raise public management fees. Car platform to raise the public has a distinct geographical features. According to statistics, zero one institute, 56 platform, Shandong province accounted for 57.1% of the proportion, the rest are concentrated in Jiangsu and zhejiang. July and in August, the new on-line platform for more than 10 per month, the monthly amount of public raised more than $900 million and $1 billion 100 million, with the second-hand car trading season showed a clear contrast. At present, the focus of the public car industry concentration is higher, the project and funds are mainly concentrated in the early on-line platform. Data show that in August 2016, the scale of the 15 platforms to raise the total amount of public to reach $1 billion, accounting for 86.7% of the industry as a whole, the total number of projects, accounting for the industry as a whole of 72%. Zero one institute expects the beginning of September, the second-hand car market will enter the season, is expected by the end of the car to raise scale will climb to billion yuan. But at the same time, the platform running and shutting down the incident occurred in succession, the risk is particularly noteworthy. In August 3rd this year, the operation of only 9 days of "Jinfu online" Juankuan run away, involving million, about 100 of investors’ funds is damaged, this is the first car to raise the malignant event run away. 1 Research Institute analyst Xu Duan said, compared with the P2P (network personal loans) products, to raise the public car due to its characteristics of low risk and high yield to attract more and more investors to participate, but the industry is still in the regulatory vacuum, the strength of the platform in the uneven, dragons and fishes jumbled together investors should be cautious. Insiders pointed out that the essence of the car platform to raise public debt investment, similar to P2P, but not by the specification of P2P regulation, and a number of car raised platform by P2P business transformation, the risk can not be ignored. (Editor: Huang Yuanping)相关的主题文章:

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