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Real estate funds into the stock market research funds from the real estate private part introduced recently a number of city real estate market regulation policy, investment funds speculation channels blocked, this part of the funds will decide on what path to follow? According to the survey Zhengbao reporters, real estate developers and property investors funds part of the foresight of the recent stock market quietly entered the signs, and the October survey of third party institutions do also show that private equity has improved confidence in the market outlook. Part of the private Shenzhen said that only recently established products, a considerable part of the funds from the real estate business, the real estate business to predict property prices in the next few years will not crash, but it will not rise, and therefore no longer get housing, but the funds will be invested with more potential market. The private person said: "the real estate business sense of smell is far higher than the real sense, small developers so many years steeped in the industry, decided to withdraw to the real estate industry, the real estate industry is to feel the chill, but the stock market after a relatively long time and more depth adjustment, the categories of assets the valuation of depression, attracted these real estate funds have a keen sense of smell." Part of the real estate industry elite also made a real stock movements. It is reported that Shenzhen, a veteran real estate business executives this year "51" had sold out the house in Shenzhen, and will be part of the funds entrusted to private securities, part entrusted to the fixed income of private equity, while another part of the funds to choose investment in the sea. However, in view of the agency, the current real estate fund is also difficult to scale into the stock market. Beijing, a private admitted: real estate regulation is not the first time. Large scale investment in real estate funds, some of the funds will flow into the stock market, but the amount of money flowing into the stock market depends on whether the stock market to make money. In general, regardless of the real estate investment or stock market investment, investors are buying up not to buy down, only the stock market rose to attract a considerable amount of property market funds into the stock market, and thus promote the stock market to rise further. Otherwise, it is difficult to attract large inflows of property market." There are some private said, before the National Day has received some withdrawal of funds from the real estate market in consultation, but from the housing fund style is very aggressive, and the pursuit of a healthy private style does not match, therefore rejected this part of the funds. "Real estate 10 year bull market gave speculators enough profit, resulting in their earnings expectations are high, but Gao Yingli expected must be complemented by high risk investment, and the company’s investment has always been prudent, we rejected this part of the funds is not regret." Shenzhen, a veteran private equity executives said. Meanwhile, the private sector confidence in the market outlook has generally improved. Private line network of private in October survey shows that up to 44% of the private bullish on the outlook, of which up to 12% private holds extremely optimistic attitude to the market outlook market outlook; look at the private equity still accounted for most, reached 46%, but compared with the previous month data has a certain decline; while the bearish market outlook private equity last month decreased only 10%.相关的主题文章:

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