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The British Championships recommended: confidence Kalisier retreats – Sohu         start time: 2016-08-31 2:45       Wednesday;;  ; European odds: 2.20 3.50 3.10             event analysis:     Wednesday morning at the England Championships the first lap was officially launched, Oldham’s attack has been criticized, nearly 10 games only scored 5 goals, lack of firepower led the team this summer record erratic, during this two month game only won 2 wins, but last week also Yinglian cup knocked out by Preston, the League may even face will also fall into the struggle; contrary to Oldham, Carlisle this summer in July after a good trend, so far only a negative, and last week with the giants at Derby County Championship British cup 90 Minutes with each other to draw, also launched a fierce shootout, although the final Kalisier League defeated down, but the team’s strength has been affirmed, who visited the park Bhandari is confident.             disk analysis:     although Carlisle a few years before relegation to the B, but the team has several years of confrontation and Oldham, and Oldham with 4 wins and 3 draws and 3 losses record against the upper hand, visible double strength and there is no significant difference, although the European data also refers to the tendency home team, but I think the poor Oldham situation, to take Kalisier with a certain degree of difficulty, not to mention Kalisier with strong dialogue in excellent performance this summer, the duel may choose a card Lisier joint retreats.         1:2 2:2   prediction:       score prediction: 3 ball 4 ball         SMG Shengping Fu forecast: 10 英锦赛推荐:信心十足 卡利斯尔全身而退-搜狐       开赛时间:2016-08-31 星期三 2:45        欧洲赔率:2.20 3.50 3.10        赛事分析:        周三凌晨英格兰锦标赛第一圈正式展开,奥德汉姆的攻击力一直备受诟病,近10场比赛只攻进5球,火力不足导致球队今夏战绩飘忽不定,在这两个月的比赛中仅获2胜,而且在上周英联杯中也被普雷斯顿淘汰出局,本次即使面对英乙球队恐怕也会陷入一番苦战;与奥德汉姆相反,卡利斯尔联今夏走势不错,踏进7月份后至今只负一场,并且上周与英冠劲旅德比郡在英联杯90分钟内战平,还与对方展开了一场激烈的点球大战,虽然最终卡利斯尔联败阵下来,但球队的实力也得到了肯定,此役走访邦德瑞公园球场可谓信心十足。        盘面分析:        尽管卡利斯尔联在前几年降级至英乙,但球队与奥德汉姆已经交锋数载,而奥德汉姆凭借4胜3平3负的对阵往绩略占上风,可见双方实力并没有太明显的差距,虽然现时欧指数据也倾向主队,但笔者认为奥德汉姆近况欠佳,要拿下卡利斯尔联有一定难度,更何况卡利斯尔联今夏在强强对话中表现优异,此次对决不妨选择卡利斯尔联全身而退。        比分预测:1:2 2:2        进球数预测:3球 4球        竞彩胜平负预测:1 0相关的主题文章:

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