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Recommended high good Pingju opera "Atlanta": Troy too talented! Leading group of three brothers Paper boi and his assistant Earn big brain caves girlfriend Sina entertainment drama "love" community friends may focus on Donald grove play Troy (Donald Glover) said the new comedy "Atlanta" theme song (Atlanta) FX, September 6th launch, up to fourth sets, the rotten tomatoes freshness 100%, MTC is 90 points, IMDB8.8 points, such good evaluation is quite rare, viewing the comedy in the small table is also very good. Under the reputation, personal pro test really…… Good-looking。 In recent years, many talk about rap drama, like this one, although it is not very much about the music industry (with a lot of rapper, like Paper may be red is still very practical drug trafficking ha ha ha) boi. "Atlanta" tells the story of the Princeton University student Earn (Glover) to work, parents do not ache, and he gave birth to a daughter’s ex girlfriend (Zazie Beetz) also don’t love. Occasionally heard that his cousin Alfred (Alfred Tyree drug Henry) self recorded a rap video segment youtube, click on the burst table, visually to the fire, immediately back to Atlanta to find Alfred Paper Boi name when his agent, Paper Boi did not buy it, all day with his assistant, thinking off-line as beautiful (Keith Stanfield as Darius Hu mix). It is a group of small people are being squeezed by the circle of life flat, but also in the pursuit of a dream, it is very ridiculous daily. I’m not very familiar with Atlanta, but according to some local audiences, it is also a way to restore the appearance and life. In addition to star, Glover also served as a screenwriter and producer, after all, he also wrote the libretto for 30 Rock, this time he wrote the pilot, currently airing 4 concentrated 3 scripts is his brother Stephen Glover wrote, Stephen is a rapper Steve G. Lover Paper name, the Boi song song is actually his name the show, not an actor. The whole play style cool, not glamorous "hip hop Empire", nor public Taiwan laughing comedy, of course, the story of a black comedy about the fickleness of the world and also many, the play is a mixed feeling of comedy and drama, but the structure and "young dream" is quite traditional, but the temperament is unique: compared with fans familiar with the Troy, this series is more like Donald Glover in another public image — hip-hop singer Childish Gambino, smart, seriously, Ningba, sensitive, kind, not happy, want to love a thing, very real. Bursting point not too dense and cold, should belong to the style and the audience a lengbuding will laugh with the audience will lie, style the whole boring type. Do people think the tone is very good, but not cold)相关的主题文章:

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