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Remote violation points how to do this? Know that these 7 steps can prevent the pit! Sohu often drive car, will inevitably be open to different places, but also have a certain different local traffic laws, local people are very prone to illegal deduction of behavior. If in different places how to do it? How can we not be Pit 1, through a friend agent if there is a violation of local friends, we can also ask friends to help deal with. Remember to send a copy of the notice, driver’s license, driving license, ID card and other documents to your friend. It is worth mentioning that there are departments in some provinces and cities do not accept the other agency, still need to handle my driver. So, be sure to ask for another friend, otherwise you will run a white. In 2, the local fine remote illegal local delivery and Penalty: this function must be the local traffic control system network and remote situation can, at present more and more domestic provinces began to implement the traffic control system network, but not all of a sudden the hundreds of whole city network, not every place has. 3, to the illegal behavior of the traffic control department for processing if there is enough time, everyone is still in the field of the situation, to do the local traffic control department for processing. Because of the different ways of punishment, must remember to bring a driver’s license and driving license or a copy to. Although the process is complex, but can handle their most quickly, there is no need to ask. 4, remote management entrusted to the relevant institutions or individuals for remote handling trust can save a lot of cost and labor, but also the greatest risk, after all, the holding company to do business is to have formal qualifications in business with a small capital, the mechanism is very rare, but the license will have to take a chance. Carry out post or off-site traffic violation fines, or through the postal service 5, the owners of homes will be able to handle off-site traffic violation fines to pay, saving time and cost for the owners. However, the postal payment can only deal with fine violation records, as you in illegal places also relates to penalty points, it can only go to a local person. To get accurate information that how to determine the ticket on the remote illegal information is not really 6, through the Internet, but also can query online now, but we will see that you want to query the area is not already opened this service function. In many of the query site you just need to enter their own license plate number and models you can know that there are some things in the field of traffic violations. If so, you can get it in time. 7, how to identify whether it is in the off-site traffic offense? At present, in the field of vehicle traffic violations, part of the local public security departments to send illegal notice, or in the form of text messages to inform owners of illegal information, inform owners of illegal violations with time and place, and procedures, many owners will receive traffic violations "SMS fraud, is to ask the owner to remit money to a private account. However, the traffic control department相关的主题文章:

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