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Finance If you are a landlord and have let out a property or house on rent, you must get an insurance coverage. Rent guarantee insurance, is a term that is unheard of. Not many people are aware of this facility. This kind of cover protects the interests of landlords. Those who have let out house on rent need not worry about rent not being paid on time or defaulted. It also provides cover for costs and proceedings to evict the tenant from the rented property wherever applicable. Recession has affected every industry adversely. The number of people losing out their jobs is ever rising. The figure is in lakhs. Tenants without jobs may find it extremely tough to pay rent. If you are a landlord and are facing a similar situation, you can benefit from this kind of cover. A landlord can choose to buy a cover online too. One can choose from a wide range of cover. This kind of cover can be taken out to cover the loss if your tenant fails to pay the rent. Due to unforeseen circumstances if the tenant is unable to pay rent, you can make use of this facility. Some people may feel it is an unnecessary expenditure. However, it comes in handy in times of crisis. It will: Keep you protected against non payment of rent Cover legal expenses The interests of the landlord are safeguarded with this cover. It is very easy to recover arrears with this cover. It is applicable to all kinds of property. However, before opting for this option, you must keep in mind certain considerations. You need to obtain a credit check for every tenant in the Tenancy Agreement(s), including marital spouses. The cover would be inclusive of any dispute with an occupant in the property that is not a named tenant and has not passed a tenant reference. Moreover, the best time to take this kind of cover is before inception or renewal of the tenancy agreement. If the Tenancy Agreement commenced or was renewed prior to the start of the policy you cannot make a claim within the first 3 months of the policy. It must be noted that landlords who do not have insurance that protects rental income are at a higher risk of incurring rental arrears. You can also look online to get great rate on this kind of cover. You can get great value, high quality rent guarantee cover. You can also choose from a range of insurance products which are specifically designed for landlords. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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