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Real-Estate There is this persistent feeling people have, who plan to buy residential lodges of their own, that the ownership experience at a park, somehow, is not as demanding or as high maintenance, as on a regular home. And part of that line of thinking, includes imagining that insurance, isnt really a necessity here. Insurance majors such as Assist in the UK though, offer as .prehensive a line of insurance products for park home owners, that one wonders where these myths .e from in the first place. In fact, buyers of residential lodges choose .prehensive park home cover just as any regular homeowner would do for the whole range of potential threats a homeowner faces. The possibilities of storms, floods and personal theft, are as much a part of the lives of owners of residential lodges, as of any other kind of dwelling. The cost of insuring your residential lodge should usually be a sum you should mentally add to the price of your investment in one, when you scout for residential lodges advertised for sale. And this is not to be taken to mean that residential lodges are any more at risk of damage from natural events or fires, than any other kind of house. Typically, the insurance you buy just covers protection from all the standard kinds of damage one thinks of insuring a regular home for – from storms, floods, fire or falling trees. Usually though, residential lodge insurance doesnt cover any damage that occurs during transit. And in some areas that are not known for their flooding, you might need to specifically request cover against that kind of damage. Almost always, your coverage will include protection for damage or loss to all your personal property stored inside the lodge. It also usually includes personal liability insurance to protect injury to guests who visit. While your premiums could end up costing quite a bit, there are plenty of ways you could snag a few discounts. For instance, if your residential lodge has a good permanent foundation, that could win you some points. And if there is a basement under it, all the better. A raked roof done up with roof tiles is a great sign to the insurance .pany that you have planned things through, and a newer home thats manufactured or milled, is considered a low risk. And if you, the owner, are over 50, you can expect a certain amount of rebate for the responsible nature you will surely bring to ownership. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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