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The yuan tomorrow officially into the basket SDR IMF tell you what will happen to the Kang Lu / Wang Danwei from New York in October 1, 2016, the RMB will be officially joined the International Monetary Fund (IMF) special drawing rights (SDR) currency basket. If 15 years ago, China’s accession to the WTO will help China to become a global trading power, then the basket will mean that China officially embrace the global financial market system. In September 21st, IMF strategy, policy and inspection department director Siddarth Tiwari to Tencent, including financial media updates into the basket technology to prepare said, "since October 1st, the RMB will be recognized as" free money ", which means that the RMB will play a key role in IMF related transactions." He also said that the basket will mean greater responsibility". The International Monetary Fund President Lagarde told the Tencent financial experts interview and "RMB basket" topic at the end of August, also said, "China plays a leading role in the global economy. RMB into the basket, marking the RMB to become one of the world’s major currencies." RMB into the basket bumpy road into the basket is not an overnight success, deepen financial reform is the basis, and seize the five year assessment of the node is an opportunity. As early as 2010, the IMF had to assess the feasibility of the RMB into the basket. But the results of the assessment that the RMB has not yet met the requirements. Since then, Chinese has taken a series of measures to speed up the process of internationalization of the RMB, and promote the rapid expansion of global RMB currency swap networks and offshore RMB business, RMB international scale growth. In December 2015, IMF announced that the RMB in accordance with the evaluation results, into the basket standard, also announced in the technical preparation, in October 1, 2016 will be formally incorporated into the SDR RMB currency basket, become the first emerging market currencies in the basket of history. In December last year, when he was vice president of the International Monetary Fund, Zhu Min, who was in Washington, Tencent financial review of the yuan again, the basket of bumpy experience. Zhu Min said that in 2015 IMF again on the SDR basket weights for routine evaluation of the first five years of the occasion, China take the initiative to apply formal submissions to the IMF request a review for the renminbi will be incorporated into the SDR. Zhu Min said that in this process, the Chinese central bank, especially the Chinese central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan, firmly in accordance with the plan to promote reform, reflecting the great courage. In a few months, Chinese central banks make snap, in four aspects of capital access, interest rate and exchange rate reform and transparency, are accurate and fast, IMF was impressed. Since then, China introduced a series of measures to eliminate technical barriers of RMB into the basket, including the publication of foreign exchange reserves, to foreign central banks open the inter-bank bond market and foreign exchange market, improve the RMB exchange rate middle rate pricing mechanism, adopt the IMF data standard. Zhu Min said that these reforms, so that the IMF’s executive board in November 30th last year reached a conclusion without additional conditions: the RMB is not only in line with trade.相关的主题文章:

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