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Roadside ginkgo do not! Too much will poison you — heavy food channel — original title: don’t pick the roadside ginkgo! You will be poisoned too many heavy metals also called ginkgo ginkgo, ginkgo has been autumn folk customs. To fruit mature season, with the Zhenjiang public rebellion, reflecting the people taking advantage of the holiday, on the roadside trees as wanton ginkgo tree, then regardless of traffic safety, down to pick up these ginkgo tree ginkgo fruit, "like the beat in their own home in the garden, picking up". The side of the road in the vicinity of Zhenjiang high heavy metal content of Ginkgo biloba in Dantu Valley Yangzhong Road 312 State Road intersection to see the scene of a rebellion. At that time, a middle-aged man with a head tie a hook pole, constantly changing posture beat roadside ginkgo tree. With bamboo drag, constantly leaves and gingko fruit drop. The tree is another woman, quickly dropped the gingko fruit. The woman holding a plastic bag, a small bag of ginkgo fruit has. As the traffic artery tree ginkgo tree, not only will be regularly spraying pesticides, but also by a passing car exhaust pollution, heavy metal content should not be low. Therefore, the Ginkgo biloba ginkgo fruit is not edible. And roadside vehicles from time to time, easily lead to traffic accidents. Peel easily sensitized, stripping gloves "every September and October, have many admissions ginkgo allergic people." Department of Dermatology, hospital of Wuhan City, Yang Fanfang said, fresh skin contains large amounts of ginkgolic acids in ginkgo, have very strong sensitization. Peel, organic acids will invade the skin, causing skin irritation, itching, rash, causing irritant dermatitis and allergic dermatitis, and even cause anaphylactic shock. Yang Fanfang reminded, do not touch the skin of Ginkgo hand, other parts of body torsion. Once the allergy, immediately rinse with cold water, rushed to the hospital as soon as possible. She suggested that the public in picking and peeling white peel, it is best to wear disposable gloves. Ginkgo fruit is toxic medicine need to be cautious in Wuhan Chinese medicine hospital pharmacy base director Zhang Yisheng said that in the ginkgo fruit Yi lung cure cough does have some effect, but it is as a drug, medicine is very exquisite, need to go through multi-channel program processing and extracting the. But ginkgo fruit has certain toxicity, long-term consumption may cause toxic reaction, by boiling does not completely remove the toxicity, a consumption of no more than 10, and remove the core of ginkgo. (right: Nie Congxiao Juan, commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

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