Sa Beining telecommunications fraud into ” people selling ” back choke know what yo-sugus

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Sa Beining telecommunications fraud case " "   human trafficking; choking back: know Legal Report – media – on 9 September, the rampant phenomenon of telecommunications fraud has recently sparked heated debate yesterday, CCTV "Legal Report" program group official micro-blog posted a host Sa Beining suffered telecommunications fraud telephone recording, instantly detonated network of public opinion. Cheat on the phone said xiaosa is "traffickers", in the small and show their presenter legal identity, burst foul language xiaosa threat. As of press time, the micro-blog has been forwarded more than 80000 times, netizens leave a comment on a 20000. In Sa Beining’s telephone recording, liar first reported a policeman’s name and number of forgery, then said "you are involved in child trafficking tough". Sa Beining replied, "do you know what I did in the CCTV today?" Do you know what is human trafficking charges?" Liar then burst foul language said "I let you in prison view!" According to Xiao Bo revealed that the liar and then call back to apologize, and frankly admitted that he was doing telecommunications fraud. Netizens have commented on "lie to xiaosa head up, should have spread to common law fraud", "telecommunications fraud so rampant, really should think of ways to curb". Related news: (commissioning editor: Song Xinrui, Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章:

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