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Samsung explosion suspected battery internal short circuit how to properly use the phone? Sohu, science and technology science and technology Sohu [live on infinite live eleventh period summary] infinite 11 live dry cargo safety monitoring room to Terrett high grand high director, and we share the battery safety knowledge.. We know that Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone released more than a month, has occurred in the world caused by more than and 30 battery defects caused by explosion and fire accident. Samsung official said is a rare bug in the production process of lead battery positive electrode and a negative electrode contact, causing the battery overheating, resulting in quality problems mainly summary of the battery. So why does the battery explode? There are three main reasons for battery explosion: external short circuit, internal short circuit, overcharge. Therefore, according to the official announcement of the news, Samsung, Note7 explosion should be caused by internal short circuit fire explosion. Our mobile devices are battery lithium battery lithium battery working principle figure 1: battery type can be said to be divided into two categories, one is a battery, battery is the original, is popularly called the non rechargeable battery, such as battery 5, or watch a battery. There are two common battery is rechargeable battery, rechargeable batteries are now the most used is a variety of portable products, most of the mobile phone, computer, we Pad in lithium battery, lithium battery cathode carbon anode, metal lithium compounds. It is mainly composed of several parts, the cathode material, anode material, diaphragm, as well as electrolyte, which is most of our portable products now use rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries. In fact, more specifically should be called the lithium ion battery, but we usually sense are characteristics of lithium battery, this is the most commonly used lithium battery is in the same energy density, volume is small, the performance is the self discharge is better, it is more and more widely used, instead of the the liquid crystal cell before. The process of lithium battery explosion, gas expansion, but there is space caused by the explosion. The battery is very high in the case of vaporization common electrolyte solution, the charging process can not be finished in time, our diaphragm will automatically power off, if not the action, the electrolyte will be vaporized, expands, the formation of the explosion. With the original adapter for charging the mobile device adapter for mobile phone accessory for charging the mobile phone is a kind of protection of the battery. Because it may be different manufacturers, it is designed to be more aware of its own battery adapter, what protection, to achieve a more comprehensive protection. For example, we use bad, poor power supply, voltage instability, protection circuit is not perfect, it will cause damage to the battery. Now, especially the threshold of charging treasure is particularly low, what kind of enterprises can be produced, we choose to charge treasure when you must choose a regular brand purchase. We do not have to use a single cell phone battery filled with an hour before we always have a saying that the phone is full of 12 hours, but also must be completely put every time, so good for the battery.相关的主题文章:

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