Samsung Note7 mobile phone with a global recall how to restore the reputation of grenade challenge-thinkpad s230u

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Samsung Note7 mobile phone with a global recall: how to restore the reputation of grenades facing the challenge of global recall: the Samsung mobile phone and "grenade" from South Korea’s Samsung Electronics 19 at the local start battery replacement problems cover music world Note 7 mobile phone within 4 days since the replacement of more than 100 thousand, the proportion of users do not choose to return to the users purchase 5%. From a global point of view, Samsung electronics giant recall program is still being implemented, how to restore reputation, how to deal with litigation, and how to consolidate market share, Samsung Electronics is about to face challenges. Hope and disappointment a month ago in Seoul, Samsung’s new mobile phone giant advertising often greet. Samsung’s mobile division is responsible for the high Dongzhen somewhat low-key tone, showing the cover music world confidence Note7. "While maintaining caution, there is also some expectation." Gao Li at the press conference so stand. At that time, the global market is also generally optimistic about the music world Note7 sales prospects, Samsung Electronics shares sought after. August 18th, Samsung Electronics shares reached 1 million 644 thousand won per share, a new high since the listing of the company. Le Note7 is SamSung the world cover is regarded as the strategic products this year, and for the apple iPhone7 and China more intelligent mobile phone manufacturers compete. Iris recognition technology is the biggest selling point Note7, Samsung Electronics has been write a great deal about. The technology is based on the iris in the eye for identification, screen unlock and online payment can be used. August 19th, this phone began in South Korea, the United States, Britain, Australia and other 10 markets in the world first sale. Soon after, Samsung’s nightmare began. In late August, more than a dozen users worldwide will burn Note7 photos sent to the Internet, said the explosion occurred when charging". According to data from the U.S. security regulatory authorities, Samsung Electronics in the United States alone received 92 reports of overheating of the battery, of which 26 cases involving burns. According to The Associated Press, some consumers have complained about the problem of charging the phone. Samsung Electronics did not explain whether the user should stop using this phone, or whether the phone will not charge in the state of explosion and fire. Such a problem so that Samsung Electronics caught by surprise, can not find a way to determine the specific phone which will endanger the user, then it was estimated that every 42 thousand cell phone battery in the presence of 1 defects. In September 2nd, Seoul Taiping Road, Samsung building, high Dongzhen appeared at a press conference. This time, he was sorry for the music world Note7 bombing incident, but also announced the purchase of the mobile phone has been replaced by a new machine or a full refund. "Soon after the listing of new products to customers for the inconvenience and to all people who love Samsung added anxiety felt guilty, high Dongzhen said, has confirmed the battery product problems, Samsung Electronics will stop selling the Note7 cover music world, regardless of where and when customers buy a mobile phone, can be replaced for the new machine. In the face of why Samsung delay for a period of time before announcing the recall problem, high Dongzhen explained that "only to find out the root cause, to.相关的主题文章:

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