Samsung Security version Note7 the world’s first fried witness activist experience will make a docum diying

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Samsung Security version Note7 the world’s first fried witness: activist experience will documentary with Samsung Note7 in the global recovery plan in advance, users on Samsung Note7 on the degree of concern has finally come down. According to Samsung’s latest survey shows that the fire problem is likely not to be a battery problem, Samsung has now extended the investigation to the battery outside, whether the results will not be released to the outside world is still unknown. In the State Department of CCTV, the State Quality Inspection Administration, China consumer associations and other social groups and attention, in line with the Samsung Samsung Note7 fire problem in the domestic comprehensive recovery of Note7 in the end, once detected the real name of the Guangdong Samsung Note7 users back said, will put his own experience into a documentary, has been linked to the documentary the person in charge of. Samsung said back to Samsung Corp, the cold treatment of its Note7 explosion as well as irresponsible attitude of the Chinese people so I am very dissatisfied with the treatment of Chinese consumers? I really think that the enterprise can bully people. At present, he has released a trailer for the documentary, which was used before the Note7 video clips are also exposed to the public for the first time. In the video, he also expressed dissatisfaction with the SamSung China aspects of cold treatment, although the storm has passed Note7, but the future of these users will be a long way to protect the rights of users.相关的主题文章:

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