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Go, go to the 5A tourist attractions have a small holiday tourism Sohu – think, between Dongguan and Shenzhen, there is such a national 5A scenic area; not to have the close contact with the world’s largest golf club "opportunity: more want to see, here is not high the club is, family vacation paradise. Starting from Guangzhou, along the Guangzhou Shenzhen line, about two hours by car, came to Dongguan is located in the town of Tangxia Dongguan Lake Resort, as the world’s largest golf club – Mission Hills Golf Club of Dongguan club, Dongguan Mission Hills Resort Hotel has become a super five-star hotel standard, China is only located in Golf Golf Resort hotel. See the hotel lobby, has a can’t wait to know the room is what looks like. Take advantage of the night is not completely come quickly, a few outside the balcony of the lake. See the Mission Hills Dongguan club and golf course from the balcony, Mission Hills Dongguan club back yard, is the world’s largest and most complete independent golf club, a total area of about 6.8 square meters, construction on the mountain lake built, the main use of the "country elegance village style elegant" leisure in Southeast Asia architectural style, ups and downs, and nature. There are not far from a white marble statue of Guanyin statue, 25.3 meters high, made of 669 pieces of jade, a total of more than and 300 cubic meters of white marble, is by far the highest in the country’s largest white marble statue of guanyin. The statue with grace and dignity, the clothes like lift, left hand holding the net bottle, the right hand method, the dew wine in the world, and being happy and healthy. Beneath the railing was Avalokiteshvara’s 32 incarnation. With the advent of night, the stomach began to protest, and quickly went to the club’s thousands of trees in the cafeteria to find delicious. The restaurant is a thousand trees in Italy, Thailand, including Japan and South Korea and other countries China integrated traditional cuisine restaurant in the club on the first floor, can accommodate more than and 500 people dining, buffet variety, a variety of seafood such as shrimp, crab, long flower snails, there are Thai flavor, sashimi and sushi, a variety of Chinese cuisine and so on, there are a variety of salad, fruit, cake, ice cream dessert, more singers perform around the world famous songs, accompanied by music, appetite. Not to say, to "eat shopping spree". Pasta, fried rice, conch, scallops, prawns and Curry Beef, sushi sashimi added, satisfaction skyrocketed! After a big meal, of course, is to take a walk, all to digest well, swimming pool, gym, KTV, three D painting workshop, anti Doo theme park as well as for children to play "". Do not want a large amount of exercise? Let’s visit the most luxurious presidential suite. The presidential suite penthouse, at the top of Resort Hotel, in addition to the first floor of the living room, TV room and dining room, two floor master bedroom with private massage room, also said that the film "Mermaid" starring Zhang Yuqi in a drama was filmed here, and in the suite on the terrace are also equipped with private swimming pools, exclusive boundless lake. -相关的主题文章:

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