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Reference-and-Education Tijara the town and a metropolis that is situated in the Alwar district in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The close by railway station to this city is Khairthal. In the past, this city was a rich city and was the foundation place of jains. Here, is the place where the warship of Jain deity takes place which is known as Dehra. Dehra was the center where jain community and jain temples were built but in the medieval period it was ruined by raiders, in the middle period of Indian history. The main goddess of Tijara is Bhagwan Chandra Prabhu [8th teerthankar].The city is famous for its ancient temples with its glorious and impressive architecture and stone carvings. Here, you will get buses, taxis for Delhi, Alwar, Jaipur and Rewari .Apart from its religious importance the city is also flourishing and has 62 % of literacy rate. Here, male population is more than females that is 53 % males and 47% females. Tijara, Alwar has numerous schools and educational institutes that are allied with CBSE, ICSE, NIOS and state boards of the Rajasthan. These schools work under government, government aided and private organization. Schools construct a sound environment for students to learn and progress in academics. Schools in Tijara have a unique teaching methodology which forms the best school curriculum. Here students learn, rationalize and practice all the concepts and subject matters with the wider school programs. Teachers in these schools are trained and devoted towards their work and teach in an effective way. Faculties used modern teaching methods: audio visual aids, class representation, and group work and projects and assignments. Students generate confidence as they learn to present themselves and learn to cooperate as they work together. Learning is an enduring and interesting thus schools in Tijara actively involved and encourage students to take part in co-curriculum and extra- curriculum activities for the character enrichment of each child. These schools have well- designed school building and also offer superlative school facilities that are essential to meet the educational needs of the students. Here, schools have beautiful decorated and well- ventilated class rooms, resource -full library with different categories of books, journals and reference books, equipped science and computer laboratories with latest apparatus and softwares where children perform experiments that help them to understand the theory part more easily. Nursery and play schools in Tijara encourage and enhance childs development. Here, children really had a good time in school with interesting and delightful activities. These schools have attractive, colorful and theme based class rooms with beautiful pictures, sceneries and images of cartoons to make class room the world of kids. Here, children learn with different materials which are specially designed for kids: rings, beads, puzzles, toys, music CDS etc all these help children to learn basic concepts of numbers and alphabets to make their base for elementary schools. Kids listen stories and chant songs and rhymes which help them to develop listening skills and communication skills. These, schools are divided into different activity area like art room, dance room, toy room, activity room etc. While playing with other kids, they learn coordination, make their peer group and foremost develop social behavior. Schools in Tijara also proffer hostel and day- boarding facilities with separate hostel for boys and girls. Yummy and healthy meals and snacks are given and disciplined is maintained by school staffs and hostel warden. The Sagar School & Arihant International School is the best among the schools in Tijara. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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