Senior real estate targeting high-end market in Beijing has a monthly cost of over 10000 projects ajviewer

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Senior real estate aimed at the high-end market in Beijing, the project has a monthly cost of the elderly over ten thousand Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Low levels of demand for old-age pension real estate freeze aimed at the high-end market, the future Zhou Li Lee with the aging of the population, how the pension problem received more and more attention, the future of the elderly consumer market also caused huge capital interest. In addition to Vanke, poly, COSCO and other brand enterprises involved in the pension real estate, venture capital also joined in, Taikang Life Insurance and Ping An insurance on behalf of the pension community to take, taking into account the development operation. For a time, the large enterprises gathered endowment real estate, a "The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong," means. But in the pension real estate just started, it is faced with the enthusiasm of the enterprise investment and market demand does not match the embarrassment of high-end trend is obvious. The face of this huge potential market, housing prices and venture capital are also motivated. There are as much as about 2000000 of the project deposit, China business reporter visited several projects in Beijing found that the majority of the elderly apartments are positioning for high-end crowd, the charges are quite expensive. Yanyuan Taikang home, the elderly themselves pay a monthly fee of about 9000 yuan, non elderly themselves in the 20 thousand yuan. The museum experience in Taikang home, the sales staff is proud to tell the customer, they stay the elderly are generally retired college professor or above Beijing bureau level cadres. It is worth noting that, Yanyuan Taikang home two apartment reservation need to pay 850 thousand to 2 million 450 thousand yuan deposit. According to the sales staff explained that this part of the money is not actually a deposit in order to stay at the minimum required to pay 850 thousand yuan, for example, the deposit is only $200 thousand, the remaining $650 thousand landing card, you can enjoy a discount. However, no matter what way to stay, take care of the elderly need to pay about 10 thousand yuan per month rent. Reporters call Christine and court was informed that the project of self-care for the elderly monthly fee number reached 11 thousand yuan. Anping, poly and Xi the staff also told reporters that in their elderly here are basically retired senior cadres, and their charges in about 7500 yuan a month. Similarly, COSCO Group, Chunxuan Mau apartments for the elderly also will be looking to the high-end crowd, according to the reporter, the minimum charge is 6900 yuan per month. It is understood that the old apartment is generally a room with two beds, many elderly people and their families willing to fight with others, will the whole room all pack down, this cost is nearly doubled. Pension and health estate committee secretary general Chen Baocun said: "it is the for-profit pension institutions, in general, old apartment construction cost about 8000 yuan per square meter, while the ordinary commercial housing less than 3000 yuan, resulting in high cost high fees, is also very normal. However, the future of home care will be the trend, this high-end institutional pension market may not be too good, many elderly people will feel no need to go to the elderly apartment pension." In this regard, the marketing director of Asian high on相关的主题文章:

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