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Shandong the first "humane slaughter": a chicken to consider the feelings of! Too evil! [Abstract] Shandong the first "provisions of humanity": a way of slaughtering gas will be stunned by the! It is said that following the "Ge You lies", the arena began to pop "panda stalls"::: I just want to ask, who Glutinous Rice Balls sesame paste ah, how off the ground? Sell Meng but a technical activity, the businessman, how do you not a word from the charming? Recently one after another to college students encounter fraud, so each get a "freshman of Southeast University 2016 freshmen safety manual". It is said that in order to improve the safety awareness of students, after the opening of the new students in Jiangsu University to participate in the safety knowledge test". More than 60% questions related to prevent telecommunications fraud, not up to 80 points to retake. This policy is good, now liar too rampant, learn knowledge is the essential skill of anti cheat life ah! But I believe that the brother brother fans to take part in the examination, must be able to get a good result, after all, brother every day to teach you fraud prevention ah ~ but this policy is a little brother cannot read…… The day before the Shandong province launched the "technical specification" broiler welfare slaughter, this is the first time the national standards on broiler welfare slaughtering industry. Specification mentioned, to rest before slaughter, to install the chest plate touch helps, keep quiet; slaughter must pass gas etc. the "stunning", to lose consciousness…… In simple terms, is to consider the chicken chicken after feeling…… Well, this policy Hin interesting. But I think it is necessary to let the chicken died comfortably, then let it commit suicide! "Humane slaughter" means a time cost and labor costs increased, it seems the chicken prices will go up…… But for this policy, Shandong’s first Internet addiction juvenile estimate refused! The chicken humane, for people to electrotherapy…… It’s the magic of Shandong…… Fans, what do you think of this? This year, with a couple of related news is becoming more and more like the idea of romance drama. Hubei Tongcheng guy and his girlfriend Xiao Fu Lin love five years, shortly before the wedding the elders chat, found that two people were distant relatives, doing small cousin Kobayashi is paid! The wedding ended immediately both meetings, calculate whether the two person is five services within the family, but this generation has had five suits, both families only sigh. Perhaps some people do not understand the five service is what, brother first popular science. The ancient funeral system, according to the closeness of kinship, mourning is also different. For example, the most important is the child is the father, his wife for her husband, the light is the man for the grandson, nephew etc.. So beyond the scope of the mourning relatives, is called "five". So accustomed to five services within the pro, out of the five services, kinship alienation, you can marry. It’s a story of "the world will end up as a brother and sister."…… Let brother can not help but think of the "eight guardians" in Duan Yu: "the girl is your sister, but you are not your father’s son, after which you want to marry can." This is a classic sentence! In fact, this is not what a curious coincidence, my wife and I got married did not know we had a couple, good luck!?相关的主题文章:

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