Shanghai Qualcomm semiconductor factory opened Chinese active layout of semiconductor manufacturing incubus

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Shanghai Qualcomm semiconductor factory opened Chinese active layout of semiconductor manufacturing market – technology Sohu, according to Bloomberg reported that the U.S. mobile chip maker Qualcomm (Qualcomm) announced that 9, who set up free trade zone in Shanghai semiconductor manufacturing testing company – Shanghai Qualcomm communication technology limited company official business. This is the world’s first Qualcomm chip testing entity. Reported that Qualcomm Shanghai Communication Technology Co. Ltd. is located in Waigaoqiao area. Qualcomm’s snapdragon (Snapdragon) series of mobile mobile phone chip, RF chip and other products, the future will be tested in the new company, after the completion of shipped to customers around the world. Qualcomm said the new company will with semiconductor packaging and testing service provider – Shanghai aikel Technology (Amkor Technology) companies, to carry out the test of semiconductor manufacturing business. In the future, the new company will focus on Qualcomm chip testing and system level testing stage, as a major part of Qualcomm manufacturing layout and semiconductor business operating system. In fact, Qualcomm before focusing on chip design, there is no real experience in the operation of manufacturing plants. However, with the increasing complexity of the chip technology, Qualcomm also began to try to establish their own testing entity to shorten the product cycle, and improve product quality and cost efficiency. In addition, the day before the high pass with a $47 billion price, announced the acquisition of automotive electronics manufacturers En Zhipu (NXP), after the plan layout of automobile electronic and networking chip market. Because, owned a number of foundries and packaging factory owned by nxp. Therefore, after the completion of the acquisition, the future Qualcomm is bound to face the problem of managing these production plants. So, by Shanghai Qualcomm Qualcomm began operation, become in the establishment of standardized management of manufacturing end factory training base. 2015 – February, after more than 1 years of investigation, the national development and Reform Commission of China and the United States finally Qualcomm $975 million antitrust fines. However, in the high speed after paying a fine, then began a large layout of China’s semiconductor market. Including June 2015, Qualcomm SMIC, HUAWEI, IMEC and other companies to jointly invest in SMIC’s 14 nm to develop advanced technology based new technology research and development company. December 2015, Qualcomm also through a subsidiary of the core long capital, bump processing production plan in the long core in early 2016 has reached 28 nanometer silicon wafer. In addition, Qualcomm and the Guizhou provincial government joint venture Hua Tong, has also entered the stage of formal operations. The company’s future will use Qualcomm server chip technology, research and development for the Chinese market localization server chips. Therefore, cooperation Qualcomm is currently at 5G, artificial intelligence, mobile Internet, cloud computing, networking, big data, smart terminal equipment, integrated circuit, robots, drones, virtual reality and other projects with manufacturers active layout China market. (the first figure source: Flickr Tech)相关的主题文章:

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