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Shaolin army camp   Kung Fu temper bloody Channel – Guangxi – October 14 Nanning Xinhua   Shaolin Kung Fu has a long history and profound influence, is an important part of the traditional martial arts Chinese. Guangxi public security corps recruit training regiment to the introduction of Shaolin Kung Fu camp, the actual combined forces, widely absorbs the martial arts warrior, formed a unique martial arts team, through a martial arts craze, constantly stimulate their training enthusiasm, let the soldiers in the national cultural heritage in the bloody war temper, enhance the ability of. There are ancient martial arts for physical fitness, Kuangfu justice, now to protect our homes and defend our country to fulfill the mission of fury. Xu David recruits eighteen years, has been in 7 years at the Shaolin Temple martial arts, boxing, Shaolin boxing, boxing rules from boxing, after the response to the call of the motherland, the army abandoned weapons. That recruits training corps to set up martial arts team, Xu David bones Wuhun blood again rolling boil, the first to enter the contest. Body based martial arts since childhood not only allowed him to learn military action fast, and strong ability to adapt to other recruits. In less than a month he was chosen for the arrest, tactical training course of the demonstration training soldiers, more is called comrades to learn to communicate, to wuhui, active atmosphere. It is reported that the new group will put the Wushu team into a "fighting and winning" fist forces. What did they do in accordance with the actual requirements of practicing what, what we lack ", abandon the head brick, chest crushed stone, back off the stick performance training courses, increase the capture, fighting, knives, guns, swords, batons and other battlefield and enemy melee combat skill training. In addition, they focus their training on human potential and achieve the goal of "the body is the most powerful weapon" under actual combat conditions, which greatly improves the combat effectiveness of the army. (Shen Quanchi, Wei Jinrong, Liang Junming, Chen Minglang) to (commissioning editor Chen Lulu and Pang Guanhua) 少林弟子参军入伍 警营功夫砥砺血性–人民网广西频道–人民网 人民网南宁10月14日电   少林功夫历史悠久,影响深远,是中国传统武术的重要组成部分。广西公安边防总队新兵训练团把少林功夫引进警营,结合部队实际,广泛吸收有武术功底的战士,组建了一支极具特色的武术队,通过掀起习武热潮,不断激发官兵训练热情,让官兵在传承民族文化中砥砺血性,提升打仗能力。 古有习武为强身健体、匡扶正义,如今精武为保家卫国、履行使命。新兵许大卫年方十八,已在少林寺习武7年,擅长长拳、规定拳、少林拳等各路拳术,后响应祖国号召,弃武从军。 得知新兵训练团要组建武术队,许大卫骨子里的武魂热血又一次滚滚沸腾,第一个报名参选。从小习武的身体基础不仅让他学习军事动作快,而且适应能力强于其他新兵。入伍不到一个月他即被选为擒敌、战术等训练科目的示范兵,训练之余更是召集战友切磋交流,以武会友,活跃氛围。 据悉,新训团将把武术队打造成一支“能打仗、打胜仗”的拳头部队。他们按照“干什么练什么,缺什么补什么”的实战要求,摒弃头开红砖、胸碎大石、背断木棍等表演性训练科目,加大擒拿、格斗、刀、枪、剑、棍等战场上与敌人近身战斗技能训练。此外,他们将训练重点向人体潜能聚焦,达到实战条件下“身体就是最强武器”的目的,大大提升部队战斗力。(沈泉池、韦金戎、梁钧铭、陈名朗) 分享到: (责编:陈露露、庞冠华)相关的主题文章:

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