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SHARP rich Foxconn make it to sell the past the headquarters building all bought Tencent with China Francisco approved by the government, Foxconn’s acquisition of SHARP’s formal completion of the transaction, SHARP Japan also received a massive injection of funds. With funding easing, SHARP plans to buy back the past to sell the headquarters and other buildings. According to Nikkei news reports, SHARP plans to buy more than one building. In the past few years, SHARP operating difficulties, almost bankrupt in 2012, in order to maintain the business, SHARP transferred a lot of foreign real estate, including the old headquarters building. Just a few months ago, SHARP also transferred the Tanabe building, the building on the opposite side of the old headquarters of SHARP, the new owner is the Japanese telecom operator NTT. It is reported that in 1923, Tokyo, Japan, a major earthquake occurred, the founder of SHARP, the first time the company moved to the headquarters of the city of Osaka, the headquarters of the construction of the lot. Now SHARP is a subsidiary of Foxconn, Foxconn, SHARP President Dai Zhengwu served as second in command. According to Nikkei news reports, recently, Dai Zhengwu said to SHARP executives, hoping to buy back the Tanabe building. If the negotiations are successful, Foxconn hopes this building will become the new headquarters of SHARP’s future. According to reports, in April, SHARP and Foxconn acquisition negotiations, Dai Zhengwu also said that he hopes to be able to buy back SHARP’s old headquarters building (not the above Tanabe building). At present, the old headquarters of the club is Japanese retailer Nitori holdings, a subsidiary of. However, the progress of the acquisition negotiations, is still unknown. According to reports, the transfer of the above two real estate, SHARP received a total of about $150 million of funds. In March this year, all the real estate transactions have been completed, SHARP has moved its headquarters to Sakai, where there is a joint venture between SHARP and Foxconn in a liquid crystal panel factory. At present, SHARP still rented the Tanabe building. SHARP is the world famous electronic enterprise, invented a large number of early LCD products, known as "the father of liquid crystal". Through the current plight of the opportunity, Foxconn spent $3 billion 500 million to acquire a stake in SHARP’s 2/3. SHARP after obtaining financial support, will develop OLED display panel, and Foxconn compete for Apple’s OLED screen orders. It is reported that in terms of OLED, SHARP is currently lagging behind South Korea’s Samsung Electronics, LG, as well as Japan’s local "Japanese monitor" company. In June, the head of Foxconn, Terry Gou said, will be in Guangdong city of Shenzhen Province, the construction of SHARP’s global headquarters overseas. Obviously, Foxconn is ready to take advantage of the low cost of mainland China, so that SHARP’s electronic products to regain the competitiveness. (comprehensive promotion: Dawn) with VR to play the game more cool? How cool is it with VR? Everything about VR, here, VR dimension WeChat public number (qqtechvr), a virtual world quest!相关的主题文章:

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