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She made history in October 30th to become the first female CEOBI reported Tres Tucker Chinese station led the tech listed company (Therese Tucker) finally coming to the head. She just broke the bottleneck of career, becoming the first woman to lead the technology start-up companies listed on the CEO. Moreover, the market size should not be overlooked. Her company, BlackLine, is a company that specializes in cloud accounting software. On Thursday, the company raised its IPO price to $17, exceeding the original target price range of $13-15. On Friday morning, the company’s shares opened at $24.52, up 44%. At noon that day, the stock price of $23.31. This makes the company’s market capitalization reached $1 billion 150 million. BlackLine originally planned to raise about $100 million, but as the stock price rose, it eventually raised $146 million. For Tucker, it was a great success. About 15 years ago, Tucker founded BlackLine in one hand; in the early days, the company’s development was difficult. She was even pessimistic that she might end up bankrupt. "I paid my own money to the company until 2013. During this time, we had a lot of hard times." She said, "I go bankrupt, put all his belongings. At first, I used the money I had accumulated in the last company. Later, I spent all my bank savings and $400 thousand pension. I told my kids that if I could use the savings they had in college, I would probably do the same. My house has been mortgaged two times. I brushed my credit cards. I also borrowed money from my friends to pay the wages of the employees." "It’s hard to start a business, I’ve suffered a lot, and I’m scared. I thought, ‘Oh, my God, I’m going to go bankrupt at the age of more than and 40" She said. Turning point occurred in 2007, when the idea of cloud computing is very new. She and her team decided not to develop traditional software, and began selling services specifically through the cloud. "At the time, it was a very difficult decision to make." She said. Remember 2007? Apple launched the first generation of iPhone. Amazon AWS cloud service has just launched a year. The graphics and typesetting software company Adobe six years after the decision to launch cloud services. It turned out to be a very sensible move. In 2008, when the economic crisis happened, many companies did not want to buy expensive accounting software. Instead, they just want to use a more affordable monthly payment of cloud accounting software. As a result, by 2013, BlackLine’s business began to grow rapidly. It received $38 million in revenue, private Holdings Company Silver Lake Sumeru spent $220 million acquisition of most of its shares. Tucker is still CEO, continue to go all out to develop the company. But she doesn’t have to worry about it anymore相关的主题文章:

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