Shell hand over 11 years the worst quarterly report profit fell by 72% synnex

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Shell to hand over 11 years since the worst quarterly report profit fell 72% in the first eight months of this year Shell sold $2 billion of assets from the target is 2/3 photograph: visual China selection will bet on the future of natural gas instead of oil on the body, the Royal Holland Shell Companies (Royal Dutch Shell Plc, hereinafter referred to as Shell) to oil assets and natural investment gas stripping projects worldwide, as the main means of its response to a sustained period of low oil prices. In June 2016, Shell integrated natural gas and new energy business executive director Vasella announced, with about $70 billion in cash and stock of British Gas Group (hereinafter referred to as BG) acquisition. Although the liquefied natural gas this acquisition makes Shell has 20% of the global market (LNG), but Shell plans to sell other assets worth $30 billion in 2018 to fill the acquisition of the huge capital investment, by the end of 2016, plans to sell 6 billion -80 billion dollars in assets. According to the second major U.S. News Agency associated press reports, August 30th, Mexico Bay has become Shell’s acquisition of BG after the first sale of oil and gas assets area. Shell’s price of $425 million to the American independent Oil and Natural Gas Corp EnVen Energy sold the local Brutus platform and Glider oil, oil and gas production assets sold about 25 thousand barrels a day, Shell reserves include the sale of assets, some difficult operation block deepwater operation rights. September 8th, Shell CEO (Ben van Beurden), said Shell consider selling 600 gas stations in the country. Shell has the second largest gas station network in Argentina, its gas station assets account for about 19% of the entire Argentina market, in addition to oil refining, chemical companies and other assets. Its spokesman Kimberly   (Windon), said Shell will not withdraw from the Argentina market, is currently only a strategic plan for its downstream assets. Oil companies Grupo Luksic and Puma Group consider bidding for participation in Energy. In addition, Shell is currently in the sale of its oil fields in Beihai, England to further discuss the next step will be located in New Zealand, Thailand and Tunisia and other oil assets disposal. As of August 30th, Shell has sold about $2 billion in assets, compared with its acquisition of BG when the target set at $6 billion -80, there are still not completed 2/3. The proceeds of the sale of oil assets have not been able to make up for the loss of Shell upstream business. July 28th Shell announced the two quarter of 2016 earnings, profits fell by $1 billion 50 million to $72%, becoming its worst quarterly report since 11 years. The chief executive officer of Ben van Beurden in Shell group said in an interview with Bloomberg, although natural gas business is facing LNG high production costs and relatively cheap coal supply is still sufficient for many problems, on Shell相关的主题文章:

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