Shenyang welcomes the history of the most stringent traffic remediation action focused on combating adobe gamma

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Shenyang welcomes the history of the most stringent traffic campaigns focus on three kinds of behavior in September 23rd, Shenyang announced the implementation of the traffic control department, multi police joint operation mechanism from now on, periodically continue to carry out large-scale group action, it will be a whole action Shenyang in the history of the treatment of severe, to create a good traffic the environment. Remediation action will be taken by stages, sub sub sub way, focusing on different traffic violations to carry out remediation, the first batch of three key actions remediation. Minor traffic jam! After the occurrence of a traffic accident, should be on their own to evacuate the scene without causing traffic jams, shall be punished in accordance with the law, and shall be punished for illegal traffic accidents. Specific measures: minor accident Punishment Act, will rely on the District Traffic Police Brigade motorized patrol police and Traffic Police Detachment patrol police authority "4+1", the use of video surveillance system technology, timely detection of road traffic accidents, found at any time, at any time, at any time the disposal of rectification. Focus on action 2: drink drunk dare to drive! Take advantage of the role of team combat, combat group, temporary traffic of a section of the closed measures taken to sieve passing vehicles, one by one check, let all violations undetected. Specific measures: start the battle group unified action, each point regulation to deploy at least 50 police officers, 1 groups responsible for on-site blood medical personnel, and equipped with a police car, police motorcycle, wrecker, alcohol tester, camera, law enforcement recorder and restraint, car arrester and other necessary police equipment; the rummage sign, the flow guide signs and cone isolation, full closed on a road by car, on-site verification, punishment. Focus on action 3: the city’s serious illegal parking drag! Take the most decisive means of drag, according to the law to carry out strict parking order rectification work. Specific measures: start dragging serious illegal parking campaigns, will organize 31 wrecker, deployed to the city’s five district and Hunnan District special use, strong carry illegally parked vehicle drag work. During daytime, with a ring of two vertical and three horizontal "main channel as the core, all primary and secondary roads are included in the scope of regulation; in the night time, square area, commercial district, entertainment venues and other key parts of the door as the priority among priorities, taking into account other downtown area control. Shenyang police said, the above 3 kinds of actions, the police will adhere to the persistence, the normalization of the code of conduct, including minor accidents and illegal punishment drag serious illegal parking action every day continue to carry out combat operations; group weekly or fortnightly from time to time to carry out.相关的主题文章:

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