Shenzhen two man car pseudo base station fraud information daily thousand

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Shenzhen two man car pseudo base station fraud information daily thousand yuan "emergency notice of China Merchants Bank: your mobile phone bank today’s failure, please log on our website to verify the makeup of * * * *……" Recently, Shenzhen Futian police received a mobile police said, "pseudo base station" when sending fraudulent information near Furong Road Chui embankment Bay area. After receiving the report, the police immediately investigation, in the Emerald Bay area along the street arrested two suspects suspected of fraud Zhang (male, 24 years old, Henan people) and Tian (male, 29 years old, Henan people), and seized "pseudo base station" and other equipment. It is understood that the "pseudo base station" is a kind of equipment for telecommunications fraud by sending text messages, can be disguised as the school paper, banks, telecommunications operators and other numbers, scammers mostly in the message added toxic web site to steal bank card fraud or other information. According to Tian said, when he was looking for part-time jobs on the Internet, someone hired him to send pseudo base station information to Shenzhen, and promised to pay 1000 yuan a day. Tian promised, then find someone to borrow a car, and pull cousin Zhang, with the other sent to their pseudo base station equipment, driving to Shenzhen "work"". Two people at 10 every morning to go to work, while driving equipment to send information, generally only up to 8 pm, the driving circuit also changes frequently. They send fraudulent messages containing links, when the victim login the fraudulent website for gospel truth, and login page request to enter the bank card account, password and other operations in accordance with the bank card deposit is transferred to the bank account to set the suspect deceived. At present, two people have been arrested for alleged fraud by the Futian police criminal detention. Fukuda police reminded that citizens should properly keep their personal information, before completing the password, account number, ID number and other personal information, to ensure safety. Once the mobile phone is found to be out of service due to communication problems, the relevant information should be verified with the communication operators in a timely manner. If it has suffered losses, it should be promptly reported. Li Yitian, editor in chief of Shenzhen evening news reporter Chen Zhangqi, editor in chief: GDN006

深圳两男子用车载伪基站发诈骗信息 日薪千元   “ 招行紧急通知:你的手机银行今日失效,请立即登录我行网址 ****,重新补录验证 ……” 近期,福田警方接到深圳移动报警称,福荣路翠堤湾小区附近有 “ 伪基站 ” 在发送诈骗信息。接报后,民警立即排查,在靠翠缇湾小区路边抓获涉嫌诈骗的两名嫌疑人张某(男,24 岁,河南人)和田某(男,29 岁,河南人),并查获 “ 伪基站 ” 等设备若干。   据了解,“ 伪基站 ” 是一种可以通过群发短信进行电信诈骗的设备,可以伪装成为 “ 校讯通 ”、银行、通讯运营商等各种号码,骗子大多在短信中加入有毒网址来进行诈骗或者盗取银行卡等信息。   据田某称,他在网上找兼职时,有人雇其来深圳发送伪基站信息,并承诺每天给 1000 元报酬。田某应允后,随即找人借车,并拉上表弟张某,带上对方寄给他们的伪基站设备,开车到深圳 “ 上班 ”。   两人每天早上 10 时上班,一边开车一边用设备发送信息,一般要到晚上 8 时才收工,所驾驶的线路也经常更改。他们发送的诈骗短信含有链接网址,当被害人信以为真登录该诈骗网址,并按照登录的网页要求输入银行卡账号、密码等操作时,银行卡内存款即被转账到嫌疑人设置的银行账户内从而被骗。   目前,两人已因涉嫌诈骗被福田警方刑事拘留。   福田警方提醒,市民应妥善保管好自己的个人信息,在填写密码、账号、身份证号等个人信息前要确保安全。一旦发现自己的手机因通讯服务出现问题无法使用时,应及时与通讯运营商核实相关情况。如果已遭受损失,应及时报警。   深圳晚报记者 陈章琦 见习编辑 李怡天 责任编辑: GDN006相关的主题文章:

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