Shijiazhuang high tech Zone acres of farmland was occupied villagers is crippled after abandoning

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Shijiazhuang high tech Zone acres of farmland was occupied villagers is crippled after abandoning the wilderness – Beijing Beijing in September 21 Shijiazhuang Xinhua (reporter Xiao Guangming Wang Tianyi) who lives in Hebei city of Shijiazhuang province high tech Industrial Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as the New District) of Macun Zhen Bei Xi Ma Xi Shi Hongyi, a late night 5 months ago is a group of masked burglary after the attack to throw two km outside of the river wilderness, the business of 18 years 11 acres of greenhouses have been bulldozed overnight. After more than 4 months later, once the canopy above has been covered with weeds, stone Hongyi also at that time after being hit by a permanent disability. The reporter learned from the hi tech Zone police before the local stone has Hongyi night attack, a greenhouse demolitions case. At present, the case is still under investigation. North Macun Qie the land contract. According to Wang Tianyi Chang Xi Ma Xi Macun town villagers said, and the stone Hongyi’s land together are occupied, there are many people in North Macun Qie, involving a total of more than and 130 acres of arable land, cultivated land use after the expropriation, they do not know. On the morning of 8, in a small shop in Xi Ma Zhen, 54 year old stone Hongyi recalled that night of the incident is still trembling. Shi Hongyi’s teeth were knocked out, spoke with a lisp. After nearly an hour of communication, the reporter was able to understand the incident. Xu Feng’s family was flat on the ground can see the withered trunk. Wang Tianyi photo of her own 11 acres of arable land in the construction of the 6 greenhouses, and planted some fruit trees, in the past 18 years, this is the main source of income of a family of stone, a total of 5 people in the world. In March 26th this year at 1:30 in the morning, sleeping on the side of the room in a simple stone Hongyi was awakened by a burst of sound, has not recovered, found eight or nine masked staff holding picks, rubber stick rushed in. Shi Hongyi is this group of masked men dragged outside a beaten. "When I woke up, I had a sack in my upper body. It was not easy to find out that the sky was bright, and I was about two kilometers away from my home in the grass outside the river." Shi Hongyi said that night, his family’s fields were all flat shovel. He called the police, his family sent him to the hospital, a live is more than two months. After leaving the hospital, the original body strong stone is covered with disabilities. Shi Hongyi told reporters, on the day before the afternoon, mayor Wang Yijun led Xi Ma Zhen, deputy mayor Wei Guangyu and North Macun Qie village Party branch secretary, the village director generation Shi Jun also came to his house, "they asked me to sign the contract of land acquisition agreement, I said the acquisition agreement only agreed on the compensation standard of cultivated land the 6 acres of the event, but not on my greenhouse and fruit trees to make compensation, I can’t sign, they went away." An unnamed villagers told reporters that the incident the night before 11 pm, he saw four cars and construction vehicles and unidentified persons gathered in the surrounding stone Hongyi greenhouse. That night, these vehicles into the field, and the destruction of fruit trees in greenhouse. Reporter query Hongyi stone filing information that the stone Hongyi was hit on the same day, the Shijiazhuang Municipal Public Security Bureau police station Qie Ma accepted the case, the local police on the matter in April 25th, "Shi Hongyi was destroying production and operation case filing. After the forensic identification,相关的主题文章:

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