Since October 1st, , Lanzhou Telecom has implemented one-way shutdown for non real name users –poper

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October 1st   Lanzhou Telecom to implement one-way stop – Gansu Channel – original title to real name user: since October 1st, Lanzhou Telecom in September 29th to implement one-way stop without a real user, the China Telecom Lanzhou branch to implement strict since October 1st to handle real name registration users will be expired in November 1st, according to the one-way stop the implementation of the provisions, the company "two-way stop again for the user name registration information supplement held a media briefing. At the meeting, the company made a detailed description of the matters involved in the supplementary registration. According to the company responsible person, in order to effectively protect the legitimate interests of users, to prevent telecommunications fraud, as early as in a number of provisions of laws and regulations at the beginning of August 2015 according to "People’s Republic of China Anti Terrorism Law" and "on the prevention and combating of telecommunications network fraud notice", began to fill the registration of the real name system for telecom users in the city. Then the new network users reached 100%. In September this year, the company in the provincial capital of major media issued a telecommunications user name information registration notice, further make clear restrictions on consumption without real name system user registration. In order to implement the registration matters, in addition to the company through multiple methods and ways of publicity attention and users of social response, but also for the present stage of the real name system for re registration of users launched the "completion of the real name system, send 20 yuan bill". (Yang Junhui) (commissioning editor Gao Xiang and Zhou Wanting) 10月1日起 兰州电信对未实名用户实行单向停机–甘肃频道–人民网 原标题:10月1日起 兰州电信对未实名用户实行单向停机 9月29日,中国电信兰州分公司为了严格全面执行“自10月1日起对未办理实名登记的用户将被依法呼出单向停机,11月1日,将实行双向停机”的规定,公司再次对用户实名信息补登记事宜举行了媒体见面会。会上公司就大家关心的补登记所涉事项作了详尽说明。 据公司负责人介绍,为了切实保护用户合法权益,严防电信诈骗,早在2015年8月初公司依据《中华人民共和国反恐怖主义法》及《关于防范和打击电信网络诈骗犯罪的通告》等多项法律法规和规章的规定,就开始面向全市电信用户进行实名制补登记工作,随后新入网用户实名率达到100%。今年9月,公司在省城各大媒体发布了关于电信用户实名信息补登记的通告,进一步对未实名制补登记的用户作出了明确的消费限制。 为了落实补登记事宜,公司除了通过多手段、多途径的宣传引起社会关注和用户响应外,同时还针对现阶段进行实名制补登记的用户推出了“补全实名制,即送20元话费”活动。 (杨君辉) (责编:高翔、周婉婷)相关的主题文章:

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