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These regulations take effect as of October: circle of friends information can "do card" – Jiangsu windows — original title: since October, these regulations take effect evidence WeChat circle of friends and other electronic data can be used in criminal cases; a driver’s license can "learn before pay"; illegal acts will be dealt with according to the law of food safety network the "five card; one, according to a code registration system reform in the country to promote the civil service exam cheating will never return…… Since October, some new laws, regulations and related measures have been put into effect. The circle of friends information can "do card" by the supreme law, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of Public Security jointly issued "on the handling of criminal cases and review the electronic data collected from some of the provisions" formally implemented. According to the law, the electronic data is able to prove the facts of the case data, web page, blog, microblogging, circle of friends, Post Bar, SkyDrive and other network platform information and mobile phone SMS, e-mail, instant messaging, group communication network application service communication information are electronic data. If the provisions are clear, the people’s courts, the people’s procuratorates and the public security organs shall have the right to collect and retrieve electronic data from the relevant units and individuals according to law. When the electronic data is faced with the risk of being tampered with or lost, the head of the public security organ at the county level or the procurator general may approve the freeze preservation. "Five one" reducing the burden of the formal implementation of the "five card one, according to a code, the applicant apply for business registration, only need to fill out a form, submit a material to a window. The general office of the State Council promulgated the "Regulations on accelerating the" five one, according to a code for the reform of the registration system notice "clearly, all will be fully implemented" a set of materials, a registration table, a window of acceptance "mode of business license by the registration department issued directly loading the unified social credit code and related information in the national enterprise credit information publicity system publicity, enterprises will no longer handle the social insurance registration and statistics registration certificate. The driving test adopting the new program started by the Ministry of transport, Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the "teaching and examination outline" the use of motor vehicle driving training. The outline of the provisions, the actual road driving training distance not less than the minimum of 300 kilometers, two subjects and three subjects to test, test began to implement the "first training after fee" mode. In addition, the syllabus also puts forward new requirements for the study time. The total class hours of C1 syndrome and C2 syndrome were 62 hours and 60 hours respectively, which were more than 10 hours less than the original requirement. Network food is more strict "food production license review general rules", "network food safety illegal behavior investigation and treatment measures", "infant formula milk powder product formula registration management measures" and so on. According to the relevant regulations, third party network of food trading platform provider and through web transaction record, guarantee the food production operators with food trading network data and data reliability, safety and record keeping transaction information obligations; milk companies to register for milk powder formula, need to submit the application materials as many as 10 project files, including infant formula milk powder product formulation application for registration, certificate distribution)

10月起这些新规生效了:朋友圈信息可“做证”–人民网江苏视窗–人民网 原标题:10月起,这些新规生效了   微信朋友圈等电子数据可做刑案证据;考驾照可以“先学后付学费”;网络食品安全违法行为将被依法查处;“五证合一、一照一码”登记制度改革在全国范围内推进;公务员考试作弊将永不录用……10月起,一些新的法律法规和相关办法开始实施。   ● 朋友圈信息可“做证”   由最高法、最高检、公安部联合印发的《关于办理刑事案件收集提取和审查判断电子数据若干问题的规定》正式实施。规定指出,电子数据是能够证明案件事实的数据,网页、博客、微博客、朋友圈、贴吧、网盘等网络平台发布的信息以及手机短信、电子邮件、即时通信、通讯群组等网络应用服务的通信信息等均属于电子数据。   规定明确,人民法院、人民检察院和公安机关有权依法向有关单位和个人收集、调取电子数据。当电子数据面临被篡改或灭失危险时,县级以上公安机关负责人或检察长可批准对其冻结保全。   ● “五证合一”减负担   全国正式实施“五证合一、一照一码”,申请人办理企业注册登记时,只需填写一张表格,向一个窗口提交一套材料。   国务院办公厅出台的《关于加快推进“五证合一、一照一码”登记制度改革的通知》明确,各地将全面实行“一套材料、一表登记、一窗受理”的工作模式,由登记部门直接核发加载统一社会信用代码的营业执照,相关信息在全国企业信用信息公示系统公示,企业不再另行办理社会保险登记证和统计登记证。   ● 驾考采用新大纲   由交通运输部、公安部联合印发的《机动车驾驶培训教学与考试大纲》开始使用。大纲规定,实际道路驾驶培训计程最低不得少于300公里,科目二和科目三可以一起考试,驾考开始施行“先培训后付费”模式。   此外,大纲对学习时间也提出了新要求。C1证和C2证的总学时分别为62学时和60学时,均比原来的要求少了10多个学时。   ● 网售食品更严格   《食品生产许可审查通则》《网络食品安全违法行为查处办法》《婴幼儿配方乳粉产品配方注册管理办法》等开始实施。   根据相关规定,网络食品交易第三方平台提供者和通过自建网站交易的食品生产经营者具有备案、保障网络食品交易数据和资料可靠性、安全性以及记录保存交易信息等义务;奶粉企业要对奶粉配方进行注册,需要提交多达10个申请材料项目的文件,包括婴幼儿配方乳粉产品配方注册申请书,证明配方科学性、安全性的报告,产品配方,产品配方研发报告等。   ● 邮轮抵沪免签入境   外国游客来中国旅游又新增了一条方便的渠道。据上海市政府新闻办消息,上海口岸从10月起实行外国旅游团乘邮轮由上海入境15天免签政策,外国人持有效国际旅行证件随邮轮来沪,由我国境内合法注册的旅行社组织、接待,并经边检机关查验准许后,可从上海港国际客运中心、吴淞口国际邮轮港口岸免办签证整团入境,在中国境内停留15天,并随邮轮整团前往下一港,直至本航次邮轮出境。   此外,邮轮从上海口岸入境后,还可以在15天内继续前往我国沿海省市其他港口停靠。(柴逸扉) (责编:马晓波、张鑫)相关的主题文章:

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