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Internet-and-Business-Online March 12, 2010 Views 561 This message is brought to you by "Money While You Sleep.Biz" at: (www.money-while-you-sleep.biz) Here are just a few of the advantages of affiliate marketing: 1. You do not have to have your own product. The merchant or affiliate program you join will provide you with ways to market and reach potential buyers. Affiliate marketing is no different from normal marketing and requires little or no experience. Find a targeted market that is hungry for a solution and present the product to them. 2. No need to update the product. The merchant is accountable for the updates and upgrades of the product. The only role you play in this is to promote the product for a commission. 3. You do not have to deal with customer support. This can be very time consuming and busy work. As an affiliate you are not responsible for the customer support of the product. It is solely the product owners responsibility to assist customers and give feedback. It is simply your job to drive traffic to the merchants product. 4. Payment and refund issues. Once again, not your problem. The merchant runs his affiliate program and handles all money making transactions after the customer purchases the product. Once the customer has been redirected by the affiliate to the merchants page, it is the responsibility of the merchant to seal the deal with the customer. 5. Start immediately after joining an affiliate program. There is no time window between when you join the affiliate program and when you can start promoting or advertising the product. 6. Traffic: And not just any traffic, targeted traffic. Buyers, is the secret of success. The only way to skyrocket your profits is by learning how to attract people ready to buy your product. This is usually the hardest to do and to discover. This is the reason why almost 97% of the people fail online. Targeted traffic is not impossible to achieve, but it takes research, time and patience to discover it. A couple of techniques to drive targeted traffic to a website is article marketing, forum posting and blog comments. To find out more about how to make money online and to get limited time free video training.. visit, Make-Money-Online-Asap.com. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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