Sixty foreign men at Nanjing hospital inpatient department in the frequency of theft-superrecovery

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Sixty foreign men at Nanjing hospital inpatient hospital as a frequency of theft of special public place, there is a certain degree of semi closed certain areas. Because patients or family members are always at heart in hospitals, and they are not able to prevent property. Therefore, hospitals have become the "permanent residence" of theft suspects. Recently, Gulou police arrested a 3 year run of 8 cases of crime "in the thief". Monitoring photographed "stately" theft occurred in August 19th, two cases of theft affiliated Gulou District of Nanjing city hospital. Through video surveillance, you can see that the suspect is a middle – aged and old man. There’s no disguise like any hat, mask, or so on. 他堂而皇之地随机走进一间病房,十几秒钟之后便走出来,不做过多停留。 "He is the general choice of hands free in the cupboard on the mobile phone, while the patients in the ward when sleeping or not, mr.." According to the police, the suspect’s modus operandi without any technical content, is aimed at the prevention of blind people. "Because a lot of people think I put my cell phone on the pillow and put the bag on my foot. How can I be stolen? But he did not think that the ward is an open public space, the visiting time is even more so, dragons and fishes jumbled together." Monitoring shows that the suspect quickly left the scene after the suspect got his hand, and the means were extremely sophisticated. Monitoring comparison, in 3 years, only 8 cases in Gulou District Hospital. After a series of investigations, the police found that the suspect had committed crimes in other hospitals in Nanjing from 2013 to 2016. "He mainly attacks the inpatient department, and the target of theft is mainly mobile phones, but also has the property of robbery and theft. Because the time of the package is longer, the movement is bigger, and it is easy to disturb other people. So he usually uses the ward without anyone or when he sleeps." According to the police, one of the largest amounts was in the hospital in Jiangsu maternity and child health care hospital in September 28, 2014. The amount of theft was more than ten thousand yuan. The drum tower police have basically been able to confirm that the suspect was only 8 cases in the Drum Tower district hospital since 2013. "The suspect is very cunning, usually after the theft to go, will not stay in Nanjing for the night. After he got his hand, he quickly left the hospital, chose public transportation, toss the way, changed the route frequently, and left Nanjing on the same day. And it will not be a continuous case, and sometimes two times a few months. " This adds to the difficulty of tracking the police. When the monitoring equipment was not perfect in the early years, the police tracked up a bottleneck. Trace monitoring in 3 hospitals of 27 bus routes, 9 taxis, eventually arrested him in order to determine the identity of the suspect, police brigade investigators staring, ten consecutive days work overtime, tracing related to Nanjing 3 hospitals, 27 bus lines and 9 suspects may take taxi monitoring. In the end, efforts were made to identify the suspect’s identity, Zhang (male, 67 years old, Anhui). He was arrested in Hefei, Anhui Province in August 30th. Zhang has been arrested at the present time, and the case is under further trial. Here, the police reminded the general public that the hospital is an open place from the detected theft cases, and the entry and exit of the staff is basically unrestricted. Criminals are easy to escape after committing a crime. The illegal elements will also be selected for the place of crime, and the treatment areas such as obstetrics and Gynecology, the cancer department, the Department of Hematology and the postoperative ward are the first choice of the illegal elements. Because many patients or family members here will have operation fees or hospitalization expenses. Visiting relatives and friends will also bring gifts. At this time, patients and their families are generally irritable and vigilant. "In addition to the patient is stolen, because to take care of the patient, the family to the late night extreme fatigue, also easy to become the target of thieves." The police told reporters that some unlawful elements would use their families to watch the chaotic scenes of a serious illness. In addition to the ward, the emergency area is also the place where the criminal suspects often choose to commit a case. In addition, there are loopholes in the security of the hospital, which also left an opportunity for the suspects. For example, the police found in many cases that the inpatient building in many hospitals would not lock the door at night, and the construction of the security team is not perfect. A large number of personnel, the hospital because of the huge flow of security prevention and control work by the public security organs are not realistic, so the police advise patients and their families should improve their awareness, and constantly improve the security system, the mechanism of the hospital, through various efforts to form a hospital security force, in order to let the criminals There is no way in.

六旬外地男子盯上住院部 南京医院内频盗窃医院作为一种特殊的公共场所,某些特定区域存在一定程度的半封闭性。也因为无论是患者还是患者家属,在医院里总是心系病患,而疏于对财物的防范,因此,医院也成为盗窃嫌疑人的“常驻地”。近日,鼓楼警方就抓获了一名流窜3年作案8起的“住院部大盗”。监控拍下“堂而皇之”的盗窃过程8月19日,南京市鼓楼区二附院住院部发生了一起盗窃案件。通过视频监控可以看到,嫌疑人系一名中老年男子。没有任何帽子、口罩之类的伪装。他堂而皇之地随机走进一间病房,十几秒钟之后便走出来,不做过多停留。“他一般选择下手的都是随意放在柜子上的手机,趁着患者睡觉或不在病房的时候,顺手牵羊。”据警方介绍,嫌疑人的作案手法没有任何技术含量,就是瞅准了人们的防范盲区。“因为很多人认为我就把手机放在枕头边,把包放在脚边,怎么会被偷呢?可是他没有想到的是,病房是一个开放的公共空间,探病时间更是如此,鱼龙混杂。”监控显示,嫌疑人得手之后便迅速离开现场,手段极其老练,作案现场除监控外没有留下其他任何痕迹。监控比对,3年间仅鼓楼区医院作案8起在经过一系列调查后,通过监控比对,警方发现该嫌疑人在2013年至2016年在南京其他几家医院均有作案。“他主攻住院部,盗窃目标主要是手机,也有翻包盗窃财物的,因为翻包时间较长,动静较大,易惊动旁人,所以他一般都是趁病房没有人或者都在睡觉时翻包盗窃。”据警方介绍,其中数额最大的一笔是2014年9月28日在江苏省妇幼保健院住院部,盗窃金额一万多元。鼓楼警方已基本可以确认该嫌疑人2013年至今仅在鼓楼区医院作案8起。“嫌疑人很狡猾,一般盗窃完就走,不会在南京住宿过夜。得手后迅速离开医院,选择公共交通工具,辗转多路,频繁更换路线,当日即离开南京。而且不会连续作案,有时两次作案时间间隔数月。”这就给警方的追踪增加了难度,在早些年监控设备并不完善时,使警方的追查陷入瓶颈。追查3家医院27条公交线路9辆出租车的监控,终将其抓获为了确定嫌疑人的身份,刑警大队侦查员紧盯不放,连续十几天加班加点,追查南京相关的3家医院,嫌疑人可能乘坐的27条公交线路及9辆出租车监控。最终功夫不负有心人,明确了犯罪嫌疑人的身份张某(男,67岁,安徽人),并于8月30日在安徽合肥将其抓获归案,目前张某已被刑拘,此案正在进一步审理中。在此,警方提醒广大市民,从侦破的医院盗窃案件看,医院属于开放性场所,人员进出基本不受限制,不法分子作案后容易逃离。不法分子对作案场所也会有所选择,妇产科、癌症科、血液科、术后病房等重病治疗区域是不法分子的首选。因为在这里的病患、家属多会备有手术费或者住院费,探望病患的亲朋好友也会带着礼金,此时的病患、家属普遍存在急躁、警惕性差等心理,容易让不法分子借机施窃。“除了患者被偷外,因为要照顾病患,家属到后半夜极度疲劳,也容易成为窃贼的目标。”民警告诉记者,一些不法分子会利用家属看望急重病患时的混乱场面伺机作案。除了病房,急诊区域也是犯罪嫌疑人经常选择作案的场所。此外,医院在安保方面存在漏洞也给犯罪嫌疑人留下了可乘之机,比如警方在办案中发现,许多医院的住院部大楼在夜间都不会锁门,而保安队伍建设也不够完善。因医院数量众多、人员流量巨大,安保防控工作光靠公安机关不现实,因此警方建议病患、家属应提高自身防范意识,医院不断完善安保制度、机制,通过多方面努力形成医院安保合力,才能让不法分子无机可乘。相关的主题文章:

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