Sixty granny barber 3 yuan price is not more than 30 years to peer envy unexpectedly alarm

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Sixty granny barber 3 yuan prices do not insist on more than 30 years old lady is actually jealous colleagues alarm for the customer’s. Mapping network news (reporter Qiu Yanbo Ventura) for 30 years, what has no price? However, there is a 62 year old woman in Jianshe Road Gongnong Road near the intersection of textile machinery area, giving life to the barber did 30 years, but has always insisted on the barber 3 yuan, did not always increase. To this end, around some of the barber shop on the old lady hated teeth itch, some people call the police said the old lady lying. Is not the price of haircut for 30 years, people called it the first company in Zhengzhou the morning of October 30, 2016, at the door family Institute of textile machinery, the old lady’s barber shop door, yellow paint to write: "barber three yuan" brand of eye-catching. In the small barber shop, the old lady to remove a plank bed, is the east of the barber. The house next door to the bench was full of people who came to the barber, adults, children. They sat there waiting for a haircut, chatting with each other. The old lady was giving a haircut to a ten – year – old boy, who was sitting next to her, waiting for her! Some nearby migrant workers are constantly coming in to ask when they are free. One is waiting for his old barber said that his family lives near Huashan Road, listen to people say that there is a work a lifetime old lady barber barber received only three dollars, to come here. Here’s the barber price should be the first in Zhengzhou! Other places have risen to ten yuan! In the old lady!" Barber three yuan, at a glance someone alarm trouble, and even the police have been moved by the old lady said her name is Hou Chunyun, this year, the age of 62, his hometown is Luoyang. Hou Chunyun’s wife is the province of textile workers, he began a barber from the age of 30, up to now has been thirty years, did not dare to say that the work of the barber, it will be a pretty close. "When I was thirty years old, I began to have my hair cut in Luoyang. Later married later in Zhengzhou and his wife together, the child had two years of rest, and then began to cut. Years ago, his wife died, his son is not around, I live alone. Now that the price is a little ridiculous, I began to open the barber shop in my own home, barber three, no more than! To tell you the truth, I don’t think much about it. I don’t want the three dollars for the living! I think the first content, three is enough. Furthermore, I am afraid of loneliness, every day to the barber who accompany me to speak chinese!" Hou Chunyun said, just started to play the brand, people said that she received three pieces of top of their business, the rumors said she this barber shop improper business, but also the police. The police came to see what did not say, Hou Chunyun always did not say a word, the house waiting for you to have a haircut, I said a word, the police also said moved. The police then put down a word: "the old lady do well!"相关的主题文章:

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