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Sixty mother-in-law at the school gate to move bricks to pave the way into Wanghong cited many parents praise 19, a photo in the town mirror Hill Primary School vice president Li Zhi to capture the fire all over the school’s parents and parents of each group of friends, a photo in front of the school for the children before paving brick grandma, suddenly became a "red", moved by a congregation of parents. Li Zhi told reporters, 19 at 2 pm, she went to work in school, saw the door of an old woman sitting in the children often go to the channel before the jagged pebbles to the side, put more than 20 pieces of square brick road is, let the children through smoothly. She learned that the old man often paved the way at the school gate, and many parents knew her. "The old man said," put the stone in order to avoid the child’s insecurity, the teachers’ parents were unsafe. " Li Zhi said, the school gate is BRT construction, the school gate traffic inconvenience, some low grade children go easy on the gravel in the broken ankle, move the elderly made her very touched, so she quickly took a photo to the circle of friends, school teachers and parents group group. For a time, many parents praised the old man. In the afternoon, the reporter contacted the old man in the picture. Her name is Guo Meixiang. He is 62 years old. He lives in the Yellow River Road Academy garden, and is usually a hot hearted person. He often volunteers to sweep the entire building. On the phone, the old man said in the phone, "it’s a little thing, just hoping the children are safe and safe." Scavenging "big Chu Yichang", understand the latest local information!

六旬婆婆校门口搬砖铺路成网红 引众多家长点赞19日,城区镇镜山小学副校长李智抓拍的一张照片,火遍了该校的各个家长群以及家长朋友圈,照片中一名在校门口为孩子们摆砖铺路的奶奶,一下子成了“网红”,感动了一众家长。李智告诉记者,19日下午2时许,她上班进校门时,看见门口有一名老婆婆蹲在孩子们经常走的通道前,把高高低低的小石子扔到一边,摆上二十多块方方正正的路砖,让孩子们平稳通过。她了解到,老人经常在校门口铺路砖,不少家长都认识她。“当时这位老人说,‘把石头摆平,以免孩子不安全,老师家长们不安心。’”李智说,学校门口正在进行BRT施工,校门口交通有些不方便,有的低年级孩子走在碎石子路上容易崴脚,老人的举动令她十分感动,于是她赶紧拍下一张照片发到朋友圈、学校的班主任群和家长群。一时间,众多家长为这位老人点赞。当天下午,记者联系上了照片中的老人,她叫郭梅香,今年62岁,家住黄河路学府花园,平时就是个热心肠,经常义务扫整栋楼的楼道。对于自己的举动,老人在电话中表示:“这是小事,只希望孩子们出入安安全全。”扫码“大楚宜昌”,了解本地最新资讯!相关的主题文章:

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