Snapchat changed its name to snap to launch $129 new smart glasses melia kreiling

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Snapchat was renamed "Snap" launched a new $129 smart glasses Francisco Tencent in September 24th, in the past years, Snapchat has been to burn after reading news application is famous in the world. However, starting today, the company will be renamed Snap Inc". At the same time, the company’s main business is no longer just messaging applications, but also includes the new smart glasses called Spectacles. The new smart glasses to install a camera that can capture video content, but also the user can immediately after the shooting of the video content to share with friends through the Internet mobile devices (of course, only through the Snapchat application). Snapchat overwhelmed by the name of the company and the introduction of new smart glasses news first appeared on the BI. At first, BI released a message, citing a video, and speculated that Snapchat may launch a new smart glasses. After this, the Wall Street journal also carried out the relevant reports to determine the fact that the Snapchat renamed and the upcoming launch of new smart glasses. The Wall Street Journal said in a report, when the user opens the Spectacles smart glasses, click on the button on the glasses frame, so you can shoot a video for 10 seconds. Each click will take a new video." The Wall Street journal also said that the price of this smart glasses will be $129.99, from the beginning of this fall limited release. Of course, if the user will use this smart glasses and other accessories to use, then the length of the video can be extended to 30 seconds. This smart glasses can be built through a special charger for charging, which is very similar to Apple’s recently launched AirPods. Charging line can be smart glasses and built-in charger charging. Spectacles smart glasses after each charge, the user can take a long time to shoot the video, in addition, the built-in charger can also increase the life time of 4 hours. The video will be saved in a completely new way, and friends will be able to play the video on any device. On the iOS device, Spectacles smart glasses can be video content through the default transmission of Bluetooth, and HD video content will be transmitted via Wi-Fi wireless network. In the Android device, it can only be transmitted through the Wi-Fi wireless network. "Wall Street journal," the source said, Spectacles smart glasses is Snapchat (or Snap) to create the first research products. Through this change, it will mean that Snapchat will provide users with more sophisticated and more complex alternative services. Evan, chief executive officer of Snapchat ·, (Evan Spiegel) also published a blog, the company changed its name to explain. Here’s Spiegel’s blog: "at the beginning of our creation, we named the company Snapchat.相关的主题文章:

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