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Some people say hello, some people say you bad, listen to whom? Sohu (the content of this is an original, not standardized reproduced report processing. Of course, welcome readers to share a circle of friends ~ mentioned in this article can be directly stamp ~) probably all not a strange experience, is judged, and the struggle with this — you lose weight for a week, A said you look thin, you feel like eating a meal without calorie is a KFC bucket with double cola. B said you look pale and swollen and poor, not thin, you can not help but think of the sun and the moon. You try to dress up for a semester, my roommate C said you more and more beautiful, your mind as if to eat honey. And my roommate D mocking words saying "ugly people play", your heart will fall from the bottom. You worked hard for more than half a year, finally get the recognition of the boss, I feel in this city full of promise. Although the mother returned home, you feel proud, but your father will always belittle those achievements you will be not worth a hair, "home to find a job is serious, some of the shelves are" fake flowers. This market has a lot of chicken to tell you, you should not worry — "the old lady just doing this for their own happiness, for these negative comments I don’t need to care about those of you who feel". However, unfortunately, we can not really live so chic. Even if you see ten thousand times the theme of chicken soup, one hundred thousand times I tell myself "don’t care", most of the time, you will inevitably sad to find that your mood will be with the evaluation of others down, and your own evaluation always will inevitably be others evaluation. You feel frustrated and feel that you should not be, "I should be a strong, assertive person, why am I so easily influenced by others? So you went to see the chicken soup and the same problem…… But if I tell you, in fact, from another perspective, the problem can be solved? If you say you a piece of the 20 generation (20 around the age) the greatest impact of life experience, what is your response to it? For me, the most important thing is to realize that we, as a people living in human society, will be affected by others. Moreover, this is a "fact", that is, whether you like it or not, I think it should be, it will be like this. And if we’re going to be influenced by other people is an inevitable thing, it is not necessary for us to think that we are influenced by others as "weak" and "without any ideas". Most of the number of readers, probably in a high-speed growth period is also a highly confused period — we’re from a small family, small class I, gradually become a broad social context I. In this process, we need to find their own position (what I am? What can I do? To do this, of course, can not be separated from a variety of channels to collect information and evaluation, and to this end, we will certainly do not reward相关的主题文章:

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