Someone else’s company! Jining enterprises to pay wages in advance to meet the double eleven-doat

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Someone else’s company! Jining enterprises to pay wages in advance to meet the double eleven November 8th morning, a red chop "wage paid in advance notice" in the Jining circle of friends circulated, aroused the interest of all, what is it? The original is a technology company in Jining — Shandong is this Mdt InfoTech Ltd, the "notice" issued on October salary advance payment, the notice says: Double eleven approaching, in order to facilitate shopping, originally scheduled for 15 per month wages this month in advance to No. 8 issued! I wish you a happy shopping double eleven! Mobile phone sales! This is inscribed as Shandong Mdt InfoTech Ltd, and stamped with the official seal. The reporter then contacted with Mr. Li, the manager of the marketing department of Mdt InfoTech Ltd in Shandong, and the other party confirmed the authenticity of the announcement. Manager Li told reporters that the very books in order to make employees spend a happy double eleven Shopping Festival, yesterday specifically decided at a meeting 7 days in advance, wage payment, payment of wages to employees in November 8th. In addition, the company in the "single" employees, also issued two oranges, meaning "in pairs", and movie tickets, coffee coupons and other items, to encourage early to find the other half! Friends in the circle of friends to leave a message, this advance payment of wages is really intimate and warm heart, when our unit is so intimate ah?! (Qilu Evening News Qilu Qilu reporter Jin Sen)

别人家的公司!济宁一企业提前发工资迎接双十一   11月8日一早,一个加盖红章的“工资提前发放通知”就在济宁朋友圈里传阅,引起了大家的兴趣,究竟是什么呢?   原来是济宁一家科技公司――山东非常本本信息科技有限公司,发布关于“10月份工资提前发放的通知”,通知上写着:双十一临近,为方便大家购物,原定于每月15号发放工资,本月提前至8号发放!祝大家双十一购物愉快!手机大卖!落款为山东非常本本信息科技有限公司,并加盖该单位公章。   记者随后和山东非常本本信息科技有限公司市场推广部负责人李经理取得联系,对方证实了通知的真实性。李经理告诉记者,非常本本为了让员工度过一个快乐的“双十一”购物节,昨天特意开会决定,工资提前7天发放,在11月8日就给员工发放工资。另外,对于公司里的“单身”员工们,还发放两个橙子,寓意“成双成对”,以及电影票、咖啡券等物品,鼓励早日找到另一半!   网友们纷纷在朋友圈留言,这种提前发放工资的举动真是贴心加暖心,啥时候俺们单位也这么贴心啊!   (齐鲁晚报・齐鲁壹点记者 晋森)相关的主题文章:

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