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Quwanting first talk mother were investigated: the soul has stopped breathing quwanting and mother interface news (Liu Xiangnan) because of the popular song "my song" singer quwanting [micro-blog] recently again by outside attention not because of her music, but her mother. The 16 year old Qu Wanting, who lives in Canada, has not been back home for two years because of his alleged corruption. Quwanting mother Zhang Mingjie, former deputy director of Harbin Municipal Development and Reform Commission, director of the office of urban construction leading group in Harbin City, was detained in late September 2014, to accept the discipline inspection organs investigation. In July 19, 2016, 20, Zhang Mingjie and co defendant Wang Shaoyu together, in Harbin City Intermediate People’s court trial, Zhang Mingjie was charged with corruption, bribery and breach of privilege of three crimes, including corruption allegations involving up to 349 million 850 thousand yuan. Although far away on the other side of the earth, but the music can not hide. On the one hand, Zhang Mingjie’s case has been in a state of uncertainty, uncertain dust, she had to worry about; on the other hand, the network for her various voices since four, which is a representative of the speech that Zhang Mingjie corruption 350 million sent her daughter to study abroad, so that its enjoy a luxurious life, she was as a mother and excuse, can not see the mother to cause others pain and disaster. Qu Wanting told the news of the interface’s relatives in Harbin, after the quwanting for Mother Song "the best arrangement" release, the reaction is more intense, the quwanting hit especially hard. For the question of public opinion, quwanting feel wronged. But over the past two years, she said she has not been publicly accepted media interviews, always remain silent. In July 27, 2016, she wrote in micro-blog: corruption is 350 million procuratorate said. The procuratorate shall have the right to lodge a complaint, but no person shall be convicted of a crime without the judgment of the people’s court according to law. In the past two years of experience, to the song, what does it mean? How did she spend it? What kind of person is she in her heart? In August 9, 2016, quwanting in an exclusive interview with the interface, a daughter perspective, describes her experiences in these two years, and through the psychological distance. Qu Wanting said she believes the court, believe the law, will give her a fair and impartial judgment". Interface news: How did you know that your mother was taken away? What were you doing at that time? Qu Wanting: on that day in September 22, 2014, I went back to China to work as a tourist ambassador to Vancouver, held a press conference in Beijing to promote tourism projects in Vancouver. It was the first time I went back to China in the summer of June and July, when I went back to Harbin for a concert. I was talking to my mother on the phone before I went back to china. After my success, I have more opportunities to return to China, more time, there may be more opportunities to see her. This time, I went back a few days ago, I told my mother that I have such a.相关的主题文章:

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