Sparrow only the motherland and faith to live up to the Shenzhen channel,

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"Sparrow": only the motherland and faith to live up to the Shenzhen channel: original title: "sparrow": only the motherland and faith to live up to the last few years, the influx of hot money and baked the TV industry, many practitioners such as ants on a hot pan like impetuous anxiety. "IP special effects value" fast secret book bundled with domestic TV series hurricane, gradually overdrawn audience trust. Especially the past summer, in such a way of routine batch production work get together the screen, more let a person have to cope with their anger. So, when the same with a spy, Gao Yan, etc. the idol value label "sparrow" turned out, many viewers thought that is also a little soap opera. However, with the development of the plot, people found that this judgment too hasty – sparrow is likely to be one of the most outstanding Spy Drama this year. To the opera "sparrow" imagery throughout the play, is a deep intention. "Sparrow" is the first hidden in the enemy occupied area, Shanghai puppet government secret service of the CPC underground Party member Chen Shen code. This name, reminiscent of the Anti Japanese guerrilla warfare, our army commonly used "sparrow tactics", suddenly East and West, suddenly gather and disperse, the target is small, fast, flexible action, let the enemy no search, headache. In other words, it is a symbol of the protagonist, the whereabouts of wandering rogue? On the other hand, sparrows are small but vigorous. Although a few sparrows have died under the gun, but there are more men, life and growth in nature. The Chinese Communist Party after Shen Qiuxia was arrested, looking at the iron window sparrow, hope not, so decided to die, also called on the theme of a clever response. "Only the motherland and belief can not be disappointed", this is "sparrow" theme posters on the slogan. Barbed wire and bayonets, the sparrow wings, covered in blood, still struggling to fly more than. It also metaphor the fate of the leading characters in the play. The "prime minister" who was betrayed by the traitor and arrested at the beginning, went to the unknown, the doctor who kept the identity of the protagonist, and even as the future "quasi enemy" juntong spy "Rehmannia glutinosa Huang", almost all lived the life of licking blood on this kind of knife nose. The depths of the camp, Papertrail, infighting, these underground workers must be as one falls, another rises, always maintain a high degree of tension, every day and night and under the same roof in order to deal with the enemy, only one goal — salvation. To show the tension in this venture, "sparrow" writers in the plot clues laying pains. Save early Spy Drama already known as guess undercover, bedding, feelings ideas such as plot, plot the start into the P evil battle of wits, fast paced and crisp, not dragging its feet, almost every minute of all the hidden contradictions in suspense. The audience has a basic understanding of the role of stand conditions, the creators clearly strengthens the "battle of wits" scenes, will focus on "real process" and "release". What’s more, Wang Jinsong and Zhang Luyi, the villain of the play, all have superb acting skills and powerful aura, and they are in line with the "high intelligence" plot of the screenwriter, which makes the whole game process seem to be extremely careful and burn the brain

《麻雀》:唯祖国与信仰不可辜负–深圳频道–人民网 原标题:《麻雀》:唯祖国与信仰不可辜负 近几年来,各路热钱涌入并炙烤着电视剧产业,很多从业者如热锅上的蚂蚁般浮躁焦虑。“IP 特效 颜值”的速成秘籍捆绑着国产电视剧一路狂飙,逐渐透支着观众的信任。尤其是刚刚过去的暑期档,以这样一种套路化方式批量生产的作品扎堆荧屏,更让人有种不胜其扰的愤懑。于是,当同样贴着谍战、高颜值、偶像系等标签的《麻雀》横空出世之时,很多观众以为不过是又一部乏善可陈的肥皂剧。然而,随着剧情的深入发展,人们才发现,这一判断下得过于草率了――《麻雀》很可能是今年最为出色的谍战剧之一。 该剧以“麻雀”的意象贯穿全剧,可谓用意颇深。“麻雀”首先是潜伏在沦陷区上海汪伪政府特务机关的中共地下党员陈深的代号。这一名称,让人联想到抗日游击战中我军常用的“麻雀战术”,忽东忽西,忽聚忽散,目标小,速度快,行动灵活,让敌人无所寻觅,头疼不已。换句话说,这不正是剧中主角行踪游移、飘忽不定的象征吗?从另一个层面上讲,麻雀虽小,但生命力顽强。虽然可能偶有几只麻雀丧生于枪口之下,却有更多前仆后继,生生不息。剧中中共党员沈秋霞被捕后,望着铁窗外的麻雀,希望不绝,于是毅然赴死,也堪称对主题一次巧妙的回应。 “唯祖国与信仰不可辜负”,这是《麻雀》主题海报上的宣传语。铁丝网和刺刀尖上,麻雀扑打翅膀,浑身带血,却依然奋力高飞不止。这也隐喻了剧中几大主角的命运。从被叛徒出卖、一开始就遭逮捕的“宰相”,到默默无闻、一直隐藏身份保护主角的“医生”,甚至作为未来“准敌人”的军统特务“熟地黄”,几乎都过着这种刀尖上舔血的生活。敌营深处,杀机重重,明争暗斗,此起彼伏,这些地下工作者必须时刻保持高度紧张,每日每夜与同一屋檐下的敌人周旋,只是为了同一个目标――救亡图存。为表现出这种身处虎穴的紧张气氛,《麻雀》的编剧在剧情线索的铺设上煞费苦心。省去了早期谍战剧早已为人熟知的猜卧底、感情铺垫、思想转变等桥段,剧情一开始就引入扣人心弦的正邪斗法,节奏紧凑明快,毫不拖泥带水,每一分钟几乎都隐伏着悬而未决的矛盾。在观众已基本了解角色站队的情况下,创作者显然强化了“斗智”的戏份,将重心放到“下套”和“解套”的实战过程中。更为精彩的是,剧中的反派饰演者王劲松、张鲁一等人都有着精湛的演技和强大的气场,配合编剧“高智商”的情节伏线,使整个博弈过程显得异常缜密而烧脑,让不少谍战戏迷直呼过瘾。 然而,不同于往常谍战剧对主线剧情的集中呈现,乃至密不透风的压抑氛围,《麻雀》的剧情在紧凑之余,更透着疏密结合、张弛有度,这还得多亏了一向饱受专业人士诟病的“高颜值”主演们。男主角“麻雀”陈深长年潜伏,扮演着一位嗜赌成性的花花公子角色,于是他的“戏中戏”便无处不透着“烟火气”。在与他过从甚密的人物中,李小男开朗活泼,是个话匣子;徐碧城柔情似水,常有深情之举;刘兰芝对他关怀备至,如唠叨的邻家阿姨;而毕忠良与他情同手足,又亦敌亦友。这些年轻演员之间如拉家常般的“斗嘴”,在令人窒息的“斗法”之间,盘活了整部戏的时代感和生活气息,也让该剧变得更有层次感和立体感。 值得一提的是,全剧的立体感除了借助于布景、造型、摄影、音乐等“硬件”的精细和考究,还体现在诸多软性的细节上。以第十集大汉奸李默群的寿宴为例,这无疑是一出极富代表性的“鸿门宴”群戏,如线团般交缠的情节线索汇聚于此,几方立场不同,各怀鬼胎,可谓云谲波诡。这一边,反派毕忠良的眼线吴龙逃过追杀前来通报消息,一旦得逞,主角一干人等将面临灭顶之灾。陈深与唐山海相互揣测,是连横保身还是合纵抗敌,悬而未决。另一边,李默群在酒桌上与毕忠良斗法,逼迫陈深喝酒,陈毕两人一唱一和,见招拆招,场面之惊险不输酒楼之外。同一时间里,数条线索纠缠碰撞,冲突生灭变幻,矛盾一触即发,令人拍案叫绝。 细节的丰富,逻辑的缜密,以及“接地气”的表演方式,正好使得《麻雀》克服了许多谍战剧脸谱化、高大全以及过度喊口号的毛病,从而让年轻人更易代入角色,拉近与那个特殊年代诞生的崇高信仰之间的距离。即便是地下工作者,共产党员的面目也不再是清一色的扑克脸,而是融入了更加多样化的性格面相,加之亲情的羁绊、爱情的引导和友情的纠缠,反而能让年轻人对信仰的力量和主流价值观理解得更加深刻。至于该剧一度被评为“史上最高颜值谍战剧”,笔者以为,对“颜值”的强调的确脱不开商业考量。但若“养眼”无伤于剧情的“走心”,又何乐而不为呢?毕竟,在真正的好剧面前,标签总是次要的,优秀的准绳永远在于观众的肯定。在这一点上,《麻雀》无疑是一个相当成功的范本。(博林) (责编:袁俪芸、王星)相关的主题文章:

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