Sudden death of mentally retarded children with corpses 7 days thought, mother do not want

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The old woman died in mentally retarded children with the dead 7 days "I don’t think my mom" original title: Hongkong, a woman of sudden death in mentally retarded children with the dead 7 day that "mother don’t I" expose the mentally retarded children with mother corpse Tai Wai New Jade village. (Hongkong "Wen Wei Po" Deng Weiming photo) in new network on 10 October, according to Hongkong "Wen Wei Po" reported that the Hongkong new Wai Chui estate expose with the dead tragedy. One of their mother, the mother of suspected illness nearly eight years late, falling unemployment fell in bed room, living middle-aged mentally retarded children is ignorant, also mistakenly thought that "mother do not me, do not know for help, naked with the dead 7 days, until the unit was beginning to expose the neighbors came stench. Police initially believe that the incident is not suspicious, and will be injured son sent to hospital for medical treatment. This is the third case of similar incidents in the past two years, some members urged the social welfare department regularly sent to visit mentally retarded and aging families, to avoid repeated tragedies. Hongkong Social Welfare Department spokesman responded to the event that the tragedy is not home department to follow up the case, in the event of mentally retarded son is Prince Welles, Sha Tin hospital, Department of medical social workers will then contact the son, follow up the welfare needs and provide appropriate assistance. With the new site for the female corpse tragedy Chui estate new Wei building 12 floor of a unit, with the dead 7 days of mentally retarded children surnamed Huang (48 years old), the police entered the house, middle-aged mentally retarded children naked, look tired, face and hands were bruised, later that he had been well intentioned neighborhood supply food to eat. The police officers entered the bedroom and found the mother surnamed Feng (77 years old) fell on the bed, bloated corpse has been rotten smell, bloody water seeping, estimated dead for about a week, the police do not rule out the old woman accidentally fell out of bed during sleep to save his son because of coma loss, mental retardation, the mother died, has been on the couch beside with the dead do not know for help the old woman, the cause of death remains to be determined later. It is reported that neighbors stench alarm off dead tragedy in old woman surnamed Feng since the beginning of 1992 into the site, itself has a son and a daughter, daughter in marriage has been removed, rarely go home to visit, and mentally retarded children act like Feng Fu has been together, relying on cssa. But the body disease records act like Feng Fu, in addition to son has a history of mental illness, but also mentally disabled, cognitive ability is low, do not understand the cooking and living. Neighbors said the unit recently several days are closing the door, until the day before yesterday afternoon to open the doors of the unit, Huang was separated by gates sat, there are good neighbors rushed to dinner, he just said "Mom I don’t", neighbors would not take it seriously. In the evening to see the neighbors came out of the unit bursts of stench, feel suspicious, then notify the building Su surname male security guards (66 years old) to see the door and alarm. The police that evening at 11:39 after receiving the report, together with the firefighters arrived at the scene break iron gate into the unit, expose the cases with the corpse of tragedy. This is since 2014, third cases with female dead son tragedy, the SAR Legislative Council of Zhang Chaoxiong repeated the same kind of tragedy feel sad, he refers to such an elderly care on self-care ability of mentally retarded children have "retarded aging family", is a special case of risk. Once the elderly parents suddenly died, no one knows, only to stay at home mentally retarded children may be living stars相关的主题文章:

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