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Suffer my car! Tianjin a strong drop site "cement rain the day before, the netizen forward along the news reporters reflect on the afternoon of October 28th, the international city China railway is located near the Admiralty street in the construction of the tower crane cement stone mortar decoupling from 30 high-rise directly fall into residential parking lot, ten cars devastated some left the scratch and hit the pit, some glass has been smashed. According to Liu introduced the parties, her family lived in a phase of the international city, located in the new high-rise. 28 at about 4 in the afternoon, Ms. Liu received a notice of the property, said 1:30 to between 2 points, in the construction of international city on the top of the cement sand fell from one hundred meters, so that her family was injured in the car two. Responsible for the construction of the Chinese railway construction international city safety responsible person Mr. Cao said, the day when construction, the wind blew off the concrete case, they will be damaged and the vehicle owners negotiate the issue of compensation. It is understood that in 2016 the newly revised "construction work safety technical specifications", when more than 6 strong winds, fog, dust storms and other inclement weather, shall not be open to climb high and hanging out operation. The vehicle was damaged, no one was injured, but high altitude operational safety is worth reflection. In this regard, Mr. Cao said that in the future will further strengthen the safety of production enterprises, pay attention to the high wind direction, wind conditions, the timely cessation of construction operations. October 31st afternoon, Liu and other vehicles damaged owners have received a reply from the construction side, ready to compensate for damaged vehicles. Liu said, I hope the construction unit to pay attention to construction safety, beware of such incidents happen again. (front news reporter Li Xin)相关的主题文章:

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